The Uncomfortable Truth About Reopening Schools

26. Srp 2020.
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For the last several weeks I’ve been researching the debate on whether or not we should reopen schools around the country when summer vacation ends in August. This is an extremely complicated issue with each side, open or closed, making very compelling arguments. I decided to talk to Dr. David Epstein, an expert in children’s health working as a Pediatric ICU doctor in California, to see how seriously coronavirus was impacting children and what the effects of returning to school might be. PLEASE make sure you watch the entire video before commenting, as this is an extremely nuanced topic and cherry-picking phrases without the whole context will create a destructive discussion as opposed to a constructive one!
Intro: 00:00
Are Children Going To Be Safe In School: 1:16
Will Statistics Change Once Schools Open: 3:57
Will Teachers Be Safe In School: 5:51
Poor Children Are At Higher Risk?: 6:52
Dr. Epstein's Overall Stance On School Reopening: 7:56
Are Teachers Being Sacrificed?: 12:00
Impact On Poorer Communities: 16:22
Final Word: 18:17
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-Doctor Mike Varshavski
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  • That evil elf fauci should have been replaced with people like Dr Scott Atlas a long time ago.

    John MorelliJohn MorelliPrije 18 sati
  • Its important that we stay safe however, if we're going to be in and out of lockdown we need to come up with a long term plan that will reduce the impacts on teenagers and kids education. X

    Laura WatsonLaura WatsonPrije 3 dana
  • Aww its the wonderful guy from that antivax discussion! Aww bless his wee heart good to see you bud 😊

    Laura WatsonLaura WatsonPrije 3 dana
  • ahhhhhhh!!!! That’s the doctor from the jubilee video!!!! Two amazing doctors ! Thank you for this great video.

    S. N.S. N.Prije 4 dana
  • School reopens Kids meet friends Friends : hugs 🫂

    Essie was boredEssie was boredPrije 4 dana
  • I’ll be baffled if I’m forced to attend my collage in person to only die so some idiotic rich person looks good

    FrankSmellsOfApricots [OTTNCP]FrankSmellsOfApricots [OTTNCP]Prije 5 dana
  • And now the reality is hitting - COVID-19 is on the rise, and schools must close for the simple reason that there are so few substitute teachers available that some schools have as much as ⅓ of their staff out.

    Ellen GalbavyEllen GalbavyPrije 7 dana
  • Me whos a 5th grader in all this nonsense: 👁👄👁

    BoredMuffin5050BoredMuffin5050Prije 8 dana
  • He related to Jeffery Epstein? They have similar features lol

    MaiseyMaiseyPrije 8 dana
  • In my brothers school they replaced recess with P.E and they cut off 10 minutes of recess/P.E and your not allowed to touch anything ANYTHING so they exercise and they give WAY WAY WAY TO MUCH HOMEWORK before corona started it was only a math page and their but now my brother told me he has to do 16 slides of something ,he has to take at least 2 or 3 test a day, he has to read about the pharaohs of Egypt each day and they give you bonus math and it’s 5 pages pages and you need to do it all in a single day

    Father PucciFather PucciPrije 8 dana
  • This is hypocritical. I hope this is updated. If you can do elearning during a pandemic you should. Yes kids may get it Less often or Less severe that doesn’t mean kids don’t end up sick and even if it doesn’t kill them it could harm them for years. You don’t know it won’t this has only been around for months. My next door neighbor Died of covid. Because my daughter has been doing K12 digital online learning this year we’ve been able to spend time with my mom.

    Sarah LeeSarah LeePrije 12 dana
  • As a parent this is really sad. can do online public school. My daughter has been in the public school systems for the last several years but in the middle of a pandemic? Nope doing K12.

    Sarah LeeSarah LeePrije 12 dana
  • School re-0pened already and we are seeing how the rates are increasing. Students should socialize and not have social distances

    Tony Omary - Elite Affiliate HacksTony Omary - Elite Affiliate HacksPrije 12 dana
  • I am glad we chose to do virtual learning for our children. I have seen many children and adults have to come home for 14 days per how long they were around someone who was exposed. Being someone who has a heart condition, I was not willing to put myself nor our teachers at more risk. We have zoom and other kids who are homeschooled in our area which our children interact with. I hear talk of schools shutting down again during the covid/ influenza and it is upsetting. Our state has had children pass and due to the saddening of that and mutations it is to me a personal choice per families. Best of luck and lots of prayers for all families everywhere.

    Amanda xxAmanda xxPrije 14 dana
  • Hi, Dr. Mike, maybe you’re not gonna see this, but I wanna share with you how I felt after seeing this video. I’m from Taiwan, I’m not sure if you knew about us or not, but we are pretty successful at containing COVID-19. We are a small island that’s very close to China and have a population of 23 million people. The total corona virus cases from January til today was 600 cases and 7 deaths. We’ve never gone into lockdown and we haven’t had a local transmission for more then 200 days, the life in Taiwan is pretty much the same. I’m not here to brag about it, it’s just I got really confused when I saw the news about the COVID status in the US everyday, cuz it seemed very easy for Taiwanese government to contain this virus (of course not that easy, Taiwanese government still made a lot of efforts to fight against COVID, but compared to the US and most of the country in the world, I think I can say we did it pretty easily). The discussion of reopening schools was one of the topics that confused me the most, cuz, in my point of view, I think the answer is pretty simple, you shouldn’t reopen schools unless you’re sure you’ve already contained the virus and you can guarantee that reopen schools won’t make local transmissions. I didn’t understand why people had to debate this issue. However, watching your video made me realise that there are difficulties for some schools to do online teaching, there are children who depend on schools to feed them, there are parents who are incapable to home educate their children and there are many other reasons that made this reopen schools issue a lot more complicated than I thought. As you and Dr. Epstein said, how to balance between children’s rights for education and teachers’ rights for not exposing (potentially) to the virus is extremely difficult. I don’t have good suggestions to this situation either ( and I doubt anybody will listen to a foreigner’s suggestion if I had one LOL), but at least now I knew why some of the methods we applied in Taiwan could never succeed in the US. And now I have better understanding why there won’t be one solution for every state/school. Although I’m not American, I’ve got friends and relatives who live in the US, so, thank you for sharing this video for people who are outside of the US to understand what is going on in the country. I hope for the best to the US and also hope you can defeat this virus as soon as possible.

    Angela HsuehAngela HsuehPrije 14 dana
  • I go to 6th grade not online when I read this title I was terrified I’ll edit once I’ve watched

    RottBullerGracie !RottBullerGracie !Prije 15 dana
  • Schools are open now.... Let's see what he has to say and what's actually happened.....This will be interesting to compare.

    Rachel HallRachel HallPrije 16 dana
  • My temperature is always high due to stress 🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄

    Sam SSam SPrije 18 dana
  • Hi. I’m a teen from the UK. Schools have reopened here as I think they have in the US. It was a bad idea. Especially over here. First of all. The teachers don’t care for the students health. They say ‘This is your responsibility you have to wear a mask to avoid getting your families ill, the teachers I’ll, other people ill.’ And I don’t think they should be shifting responsibility on a literal child when in school students are literally under their teachers care until the day ends. As someone who shows symptoms of anxiety (I’m not saying I have it because I haven’t went to a doctor about it and probably never will) in the last few weeks of lockdown I had a panic attack thinking about schools reopening and how everything will go wrong I’m stressed because teachers are throwing responsibility on children. When we aren’t allowed to wear masks in class and we don’t social distance at all. The most social distance there is is from teachers to students. People from my school have already tested positive. A few groups in six form (which is basically an alternative to college) and groups from year 10,9,7 and one or two cases from year 8. And that was in the first few weeks of it reopening. The school now have this counsellor who probably isn’t supposed to be one or isn’t qualified trying to get students to talk about mental health and any troubles they have but no ones going to do it. I know I’m defiantly not. As someone who has to avoid talking about certain issues with my own family talking to a teacher who I barely know about mental issues isn’t going happen. And due to the pandemic barely anyone in my class feels safe in school. I didn’t beforehand either but that’s probably because I have troubles opening up and trusting people so I normally do a very dumb move and push them away. Which doesn’t help anything...well. Have fun reading this mess of a paragraph which I finished before school.

    C__Anishi__C__Anishi__Prije 20 dana
  • Irish Government: “We must reopen schools for students mental health” Me in Highschool/ secondary school HELL NO

    Sarah SmythSarah SmythPrije 21 dan
  • Dr. Mike, what are your thoughts on the residual effects of Covid-19 in children? You are no doubt knowledgeable about SSPE, Subacute Sclerosing Panencephilitis. While these cases are regarded as being “rare”, as stated by the research on the NIH website, “with fewer than 10 cases per year reported in the Unites States”, that was largely due to wide spread immunization, thus preventing the spread of measles. Ultimately, those ten children still died from post measles complications and that leads me to consider, Covid-19, being to date low on the child morbidity and death rate, does not guarantee anything. Since we are still learning new facts through rigorous continued research, do you think the potential for similar complications, or entirely different though fatal complications may be discovered years from now? I know, I may only be able to speculate and you are exceptional in speaking facts, truth and avoiding misinformation. It is certainly not my intention in asking this to spread unwarranted fears or anxiety. I am truly asking your medical viewpoint because my sister and I discuss this often. No one wants to discuss it. It puts things into perspective when you consider that yes, your child is more likely to recover, but..what if that is temporary? I think people should be made aware of these potential realities, unpleasant as they may be. We need to look at the full scope, not just “I recovered today”. Tomorrow will still come, and it would be reassuring to know from a medical viewpoint that perhaps, you have good reason to not be concerned of such potential complications. I ask in good conscience, what are your thoughts? I understand that your thoughts are not automatically medical fact, but you have more medical knowledge than I do. That being said, I won’t hold you to anything you may share purely as educated speculation. Thank you for taking the time to read this. I will watch for a response. Also, would you consider this article credible? Sometimes I do wonder if things are published to spread undue concern, a way to “sensationalize” tragedy. It seems legit but I could be erroneous in my assessment.

    Little MissLittle MissPrije 21 dan
    • EDIT: Those children still died. (Not 10 the research stated it was fewer than that).

      Little MissLittle MissPrije 21 dan
  • my high school reopended... im screwed

    The Ace Of FishingThe Ace Of FishingPrije 21 dan
  • You’re both gay

    WetBlondieWetBlondiePrije 22 dana
  • What the science says is that schools aren’t enabling the transmission of this thing

    WetBlondieWetBlondiePrije 22 dana
  • Today we recorded the highest number of cases since the start of the pandemic, add that with a flu season in a northerly state(very cold), plus less we forget, Thanksgiving and Christmas will be super-spreader events. This is a very bad idea to go back to school in person. Reopening schools in a perfect environment for the virus is somewhat questionable.

    PhysicswithMrVPhysicswithMrVPrije 22 dana
  • kids: homeworks philippines: modules usa: social distancing hotel: trivago

    ReyCloud9ReyCloud9Prije 23 dana
  • I’m extremely disappointed that you didn’t bring in a third perspective - an educator should have definitely been a part of this conversation. You’re talking about entire districts pivoting their plans like that’s an easy thing to do. It’s not! Our district is doing a lot of things to try to help our students most in need by allowing students with IEPs and some 504 plans to come in-person so they can get the individualized help they need. We’re bussing out meals to families who rely on schools to feed their kids. We’re providing wireless hotspots to students with no internet access so they can access their school work. Teachers are working well beyond their contract hours to make sure weekly materials are ready for online learning, but there’s only so much money that can pay for those needs because budgets are being cut like crazy. For those that are in-person, some teachers are only given enough time for ONE quarantine period, any others that need to be taken come directly out of the paycheck. For those that are hybrid in-seat/virtually learning, ONE teacher needs to tend to the needs of students both in the classroom and at home. Classroom sizes are too small for 6 feet apart, and additionally proper PPE can’t be provided due to lack of funds. The mental health of teachers is atrocious right now because they are being severely overworked. Those of my colleagues who have kids are finding themselves having to choose between spending time taking care of their own families or their students. Despite many of us having master’s degrees, we are not paid like we have that level of education, and no hazard pay for if we get the virus and have to quarantine. We’re lucky if our districts even communicate positive cases or new plans with us before they tell families. We are very uninformed on most of the decisions being made. Yes, you are providing a lot of medical information about the risks, both physical and mental, but you CANNOT speak for teachers and people who work for schools when you say that schools should be able to pivot easily or that the mental health of children, who are asymptomatic carriers, should be put above the health concerns of the adults who work with them, who may have serious medical conditions of their own. We already ask way too much of teachers, when will enough be enough? I want to help children learn and I feel called to do so, but not without pay or safe working conditions.

    Elizabeth BrockElizabeth BrockPrije 24 dana
    • I can relate wholeheartedly to your post! This is exactly what we are facing as teachers but yet these discussions are not highlighted in these "medical" discussions. Very few of these said "medical experts" fail to acknowledge that the anxiety and workload of teachers are through the roof! #all41and14all

      PhysicswithMrVPhysicswithMrVPrije 22 dana
  • I returned to school on Monday after a kid got coronvirus and nobody wears there masks 🤦🏽‍♀️and we are going in lock down on Thursday but schools are still open.

    Ninja SlicerNinja SlicerPrije 25 dana
  • French schools are reopening after teacher was beheaded.

    Diana WolfDiana WolfPrije 26 dana
  • I'm sorry man but I need to go america to reopen my friends and familys buisness is dying, my grades are tanking sorry but I want trump to win #trump2020

    Jeremiah KendallJeremiah KendallPrije 27 dana
  • watching this as boris has announced a national 'lockdown' but keeping schools open 😀✌️

    b 1470b 1470Prije 27 dana

    Kevin BatanKevin BatanPrije 27 dana
  • The fact that a doctor is saying this is great look at UK Boris thinks differently oh let's open schools even though people travel on buses to get there

    Marc CharltonMarc CharltonPrije 28 dana
  • In Swiss they are like: Oh look more than 9000 people are being infected everyday... (with the little population there it’s quite a lot) let’s keep the schools open even though there have been many covid-19 cases in school 🤷🏻‍♀️

    Chrissi EisnerChrissi EisnerPrije 28 dana
  • When he said Pivot all I heard was Ross lmao

    GracielaGracielaPrije mjesec
  • School is so fucking bad now

    Bruh moment 777Bruh moment 777Prije mjesec
  • I just started this video. I have been told by Doctors that we don’t know the long term effects of COVID yet, like heart issues. However Doctors have multiple options on things.

    Danny MitchellDanny MitchellPrije mjesec
  • fake plandemic to create new world order and control our lives.

    KARMA777KARMA777Prije mjesec
  • we must open schools. fake plandemic doesn't justify closing schools and life

    KARMA777KARMA777Prije mjesec
  • This guy was in the middle ground video you made right

    Nico's pvzNico's pvzPrije mjesec
  • I'm glad school reopened, dumb plandemic

    Ritz rolypolyRitz rolypolyPrije mjesec
  • At our school (DISTRICT 2) we wear masks in our hallway and social distance and we loop AROUND the hallway to get to class, we are separated by days. A day Monday and Wednesday. B day (me) Tuesday and Thursday. When we get to class we have a desk apart we can take off our mask but only for 10mins and I have 7 periods. Starting middle school rough.

    Piper LemonsPiper LemonsPrije mjesec
  • I think one of the big issues that's not being addressed is while we're weighing the importance of children's need for education versus teacher safety, if a teacher dies, how many more do we have to actually replace them? We are in a growing teacher shortage across the nation. I agree with Dr. Mike that there needs to be teacher input in this because without it we will just drive that shortage deeper as teaching becomes a less and less desirable profession in the US. While many teachers get into the profession for the children, many more choose to leave the profession due to its low pay and minimal voice. As classroom sizes grow due to shortages, teachers burn out faster and fewer people from the next generation are drawn to the profession. In my student teaching program at UC Davis, we had people dropping out of the program by the end of the first quarter. In my group pursuing a teaching credential in mathematics, 5 of the original 13 of us dropped out. And while I finished the program, the experience was so mentally and emotionally draining I never pursued teaching after I completed the program and got my teaching credential. That was in 2013. I can only imagine what's become of the situation now. We can't keep thinking, "well, the children need to come first," because if that's our attitude and priority as people who don't have to work in those conditions, there honestly won't be enough people left willing to stick around and put your children first. There already aren't enough.

    kecharakittiekecharakittiePrije mjesec
  • kids are fine even if they get the virus, the bad thing is that they can transmit it to the elders

    abilyn 1105abilyn 1105Prije mjesec
  • in my school nobody social distances, tables have gotten closer to how they were before, and nobody-not even teachers wear masks but whatever it takes to keep us sAfE

    ella shinella shinPrije mjesec
  • Schools have reopened and the number of cases in Colorado appear to be exponentiating in October 2020. This doctor is recommending to reopen schools because he believes that kids need to be socialized with other kids (note that this is a sociological argument coming from a medical doctor, this is NOT a medical argument). Listen to the science? The science shows that increasing the number of infection vectors increases the number of daily infections. Unless the thinking is more along the lines of... infect them while they are young to develop herd immunity; but they never said that.

    GilianGilianPrije mjesec
  • I am a special education preschool teacher who works in an elementary school and I definitely do not feel safe returning to school in the middle of a pandemic. I’m always worried about catching something at school because I’ve already caught so much from the kids. I never had things like strep throat or bronchitis until I started working in a school. All of this years before the virus hit. So even with all the “precautions” our county is planning and suggesting the schools implement, I don’t feel safe going back, because at the end of the day kids will be kids and they are not going to be as careful as they should about not spreading germs, no matter how many times we tell them, they won’t take it seriously. Plus, kids have no personal boundaries. I’ve gotten sick so many times simply because kids like to try and get in my face when they get the chance, they just don’t have that concept of staying in their own bubbles down yet, and there’s nothing we can really do about that. I’m worried not only for my and my fellow teachers and school staff’s health, but for the kids as well. I work with many medically fragile kids who catch things so easily and are so heavily impacted by the more common illnesses. I worry for them so much on the daily and now with this virus my worry has only increased. I just hope whenever we do return to school it is closer to the end of this pandemic and we can truly go back safely, but I’m not holding my breath.

    BillskissieBillskissiePrije mjesec
  • So. I know that this was from 2 months ago but I know that my rural school district is no longer enforcing the mask mandate in my state and looking the other way when kids have them around the neck or not over their noses. My state is having an explosion of cases right now and no one seems to care. I ended up having to keep my son at home to avoid passing Covid onto my elderly mother who lives with us. The school here isn’t following guidelines. The cohorts that they are divided into are the normal size of their home rooms. There are about 23 kids per group. Then they are allowed to cross pollinate during lunch thus negating the point of the cohorts.

    faeriesmakfaeriesmakPrije mjesec
  • As a teacher and a parent, shame on both of you.

    John BraceyJohn BraceyPrije mjesec
  • Nice thing is that tomorrow in German the school are opening with twice as much infections as in the first time

    MikkoMikkoPrije mjesec
  • If you are immucompromised you definitely should not be in schools. Schools are cesspools of germs

    Gayle OverlyGayle OverlyPrije mjesec
  • I worry about the children in abusive homes falling through the cracks because at school there are mandatory reporters of signs of abuse. A lot of families are just disappearing and schools can’t even find them

    Gayle OverlyGayle OverlyPrije mjesec
  • My son has to go to school everyday for a couple of hours but I called the school and said "Stop sending them to school for every day it is way to dangerous" in my opinion kids should only go at school whenever their parents tell them because what happens if their child gets covid and goes to school with it and infect a other child. That's why it's better if parents decide if they go to school because they are the first ones that will notice.

    Jaden VargasJaden VargasPrije mjesec
  • Someone in my class has the virus and I hope there okay :(

    AestheticCloud Cloudy TwinsAestheticCloud Cloudy TwinsPrije mjesec
  • You want to know something this will backfire I’m a kid and I know no one will do this and we’re like little time bombs we could take this back to our parents and well that will be it’s happening now we were fine until this happened it was going away then we opened schools and kids brought it back i do virtual 24/7 but I had to go to school during hours for computer maintenance and I saw when the teachers were gone I saw nobody wearing a face diaper aka face mask they were talking to each other and not washing hands I see nothing going to happen for the good if this keeps up

    ACE _LAWS21ACE _LAWS21Prije mjesec
  • In my class we have masks, but then there’s that one who doesn’t have and no one doesn’t anything about it. Then someone next to my school had COVID-19 and some students got infected so they’re closing schools again in Monday. If not on Monday then on 17th November:/ it’s Thursday now.

    hitman bang v-vhitman bang v-vPrije mjesec
  • You know that almost a hundred percent of parents out there... Can't afford to pay daycare and don't have somebody to watch their children... This is affecting people in all sorts of ways that you guys don't even consider.. like children learning social habits at that pivotal time... People being financially destitute because this covered bologna.. you can't just shut it down because one thing and not think of all the other unintended consequences...

    Indagrow guyIndagrow guyPrije mjesec
  • Do these things magically change when kids go back to school ?.. no magic doesn't exist..

    Indagrow guyIndagrow guyPrije mjesec
  • Y'all are doctors I'm 3 minutes into this BS... How come y'all aren't saying it's a 99.997% chance that u won't die from it... Isn't it something stupid like 0.003% of people that get it will be hospitalized this is insane you know that my son's in grade two and he's missing all of that valuable time where he's supposed to be learning making friends social habits screw all that let's screw up a generation because of some b******* the words of Benjamin Franklin people who trade their freedom for safety deserve neither !

    Indagrow guyIndagrow guyPrije mjesec
  • I do think a forgotten demographic here is the older school children. I'm in my final year of Sixth Form (17/18 years), so our chances of passing and suffering from the virus are very similar to those other adults, but we're still back at school. I don't want to go online again but despite my school's relatively small population my year alone has had more cases that the six years below us combined. I'm not in America but the cases are very much rising again, and whilst death rates are lower we're already seeing more and more cases of teachers and parents being infected. We need a better model.

    Abby StaffordAbby StaffordPrije mjesec
  • A week in, people are gonna make excuses for not wearing their masks, “I’m allergic” “My dog ate it”

    sqeaks •sqeaks •Prije mjesec
  • the smile and nod energey

    Potato's Gonna PotatePotato's Gonna PotatePrije mjesec
  • I just went to school for 2 weeks and kids were sneezing with THERE MASKS UNDER THEIR NOSE!!! and then decide to put it all the way up! and there's no option to social distance if there's that one kid who doesn't want to and wont back up! I switched back to virtual schooling only 2 weeks in

    Potato's Gonna PotatePotato's Gonna PotatePrije mjesec
  • Why did they open schools when we go out side we take are masks of some kids do in the bus but the thing is they are going to go to friends houses it’s just going to make it way worst because at your house with your friend your going to be even closer then when you at school it’s dumb

    Hallie HarperHallie HarperPrije mjesec
  • As a student I will tell you. If we go back there is going to be a huge outbreak of kids with covid. I know my peers they will not follow the rules put into place they will treat it as a joke.

    Monica LewisMonica LewisPrije mjesec
  • I appreciate all the different pieces of this conversation. Weighing the pros and cons of each issue and perspective. Something I've noticed in the comments is people either saying we shouldn't open schools due to x,y,z or we should open schools due to x,y,z but it's all within the sphere of their personal family situations. Guess what, both can be valid. If you're not comfortable with your child returning in person, due to at risk family members, or any worries you have, they don't have to. Many districts are either offering streaming into the live classroom for at home learning, or a certified home school type curriculum to follow at home either online or through correspondence, that is monitored by a teacher. On the same token if you want your child to return to school, due to economic needs, educational needs, socialization, etc.. and feel that the sanitization procedures of the school are good then your child should be able to return to school, provided they wear a mask, respect distances, and follow cleaning protocols. Believe it or not it can be safe for school districts, especially in small towns to open safely and not have reported covid cases. It can also be true that say schools in the heart of L.A. or N.Y.C. perhaps cannot open safely yet. The decision should lie with either individual districts or even schools, the health departments in said area, and the families they serve. Not by commentors on the internet or any one single experience.

    Maggie PlummerMaggie PlummerPrije mjesec
  • So if many fully grown adults don’t take the virus seriously then what makes schools think kids will

    Devious AcronixDevious AcronixPrije mjesec
  • Here in the Philippines most of the schools doesn't even have any proper bathroom and water.

    Avi LockwoodAvi LockwoodPrije mjesec
  • One benefit of keeping schools closed will be that, perhaps, more people will start encouraging alternative forms of education in lieu of the government funded brainwashing going on in public schools. The closings and distance learning may be a necessary inconvenience to give large numbers of parents ideas on how to seek other options.

    Brad MacBrad MacPrije mjesec

    Carlos FigueroaCarlos FigueroaPrije mjesec

    Carlos FigueroaCarlos FigueroaPrije mjesec
  • Open parks and basketball courts instead of taking away the way people stay fit and healthy staying inside and sitting there all day is going to make you more susceptible to any disease. They think closing every thing down is really going to help if people just sit there and getting in worse and worse shape and they go outside and catch the virus of course your going to be fucked your immune system was doing nothing for months

    DeAd KiNgZDeAd KiNgZPrije mjesec
  • I am from the uk a year 10 and 7 has coronavirus and personally it scared me since teachers can’t control students ignoring social distancing and one way system my close friend do this even though they know I have condition which make me exposed to the virus it is annoying and inconsiderate as people are risking giving the virus to people who are vunarabke and need to take it seriously they haven’t considered other students and we have to go to school we can’t stay of unless we are isolating or ill or at an appointment I am also going to the hospital frequently to sort out health and it is annoying as the bathrooms aren’t clean either

    diana lintdiana lintPrije mjesec
  • Starting this school year virtual is quite literally depressing. I have to wait till February and I’ll only get 2 days of real school 😢

    Nicholas PatelNicholas PatelPrije mjesec
  • Schools will reopen during WWIII

    ammar aliammar aliPrije mjesec
  • "Why kids are scared to go back to school"

    MushcouldsaveusMushcouldsaveusPrije mjesec
  • Where gonna repeat the same mistake

    golden clawgolden clawPrije mjesec
  • So, kids can be vectors of transmission, infect their families, AND each other, masks/shields, handwashing or not, and teachers face the same thing. Asymptomatic people transmit the virus, and this is ONE thing they're BOTH overlooking. Cafeterias encourage mass gathering tendencies, and to set a schedule would be impossible for even the "three foot rule". Smaller lunch "pods", and eating requires no mask, or at the least, open masks. Then, if a kid falls ill, there's four things it could be: allergies, flu, cold, or COVID-19. Going back to "normal" isn't happening anytime soon, whether or not we want to, it won't be for quite a while. And with spikes overwhelming hospitals, I don't know how much longer this will be sustainable, let alone how people are going to pay the trillions of dollars owed after all is said and done. Thinking of the now is moot if there seems to be no end in sight, despite the best efforts.

    James ArmesJames ArmesPrije mjesec
  • EXACTLY SCHOOL SHOULD CLOSE They thinks its safe when people are coughing.

    Møurn ReaperMøurn ReaperPrije mjesec
  • Lmao, somebody in my school just got coronavirus, let’s see where this goes.

    Mane MisakyanMane MisakyanPrije mjesec
  • Whats even the point of reopening school if no one is going to socialise?just make an online class,its easier and students are more comfortable.(not from america btw)

    CroversolaCroversolaPrije mjesec
  • What if we made classes hybrid (half in person, half online)? Thoughts?

    SkizzleSkizzlePrije mjesec
  • Well, honestly some kids are just, well they don't take things seriously and they won't think that will get people sick

    •P a s u t e r u••P a s u t e r u•Prije mjesec
  • 0:03 - 0:07 Man just described technocracy 👍

    someone notfunnysomeone notfunnyPrije mjesec
  • School systems are not conducive to pivoting quickly! My district opened against the recommendation of the local health district and the procedures that were put in place (response to a positive test) have not been followed. Teachers are not allowed to inform parents about which masks are most/least effective and we can’t have kids change their mask even if we provide an alternative!

    Jen TJen TPrije mjesec
  • We need to figure this out. We need to be realistic. The virus is here to stay, unfortunately. Shutdowns can not go on forever. Parents need to work and make money. We need to reopen everything so we can all work. If COVID-19 doesn’t kill us then the shutdowns will cause way more damage.

    Vianet PadillaVianet PadillaPrije mjesec
  • As someone in my senior year of highschool with several mental illnesses going back to school was by far the worst choice, you are putting you life at risk senselessly when you can focus on making online learning as good as possible so that you can give kids the best education you possible can. I will miss prom, I will miss foot ball games, parties, hanging out at my friends lockers. But more then that I would miss my mom, my dad, my grandma, my life. Opening schools is a bad idea 200,000 people have already died why put more on the line?

    nia packnia packPrije mjesec
  • errrrr im a docrorrrr... hmm... children! pediatric medicine :) sorry i just saw it funny he stopped saying errrrm after he started getting into the topic he was just nervous

    Jose RamosJose RamosPrije mjesec
  • Dr. Mike: Now that it's been a few months, how has your views on this changed or not changed??

    Candy RoseCandy RosePrije mjesec
  • Dr. you need to quit preaching about science because the science shows that everything should be reopened and you were wrong about everything it’s mostly fear and it’s a real fucking shame that so many people have watched your videos

    Matthew SnyderMatthew SnyderPrije mjesec
    • @Metal Puppet

      Matthew SnyderMatthew SnyderPrije mjesec
    • @Metal Puppet this is a good explanation of what I’m saying go to the 31 minute mark.

      Matthew SnyderMatthew SnyderPrije mjesec
    • @Matthew Snyder the test is there to detect that specific kind of virus and it does that. Even the smallest amount of viral load means you ARE positive and contagious

      Metal PuppetMetal PuppetPrije mjesec
    • @Metal Puppet I’m sorry I didn’t explain that so well what I’m saying is the PCR tests are overly sensitive so they will give a positive outcome even if the individual may not be infected they are just detecting trace amounts of viral RNA which is not the same as the actual virus itself in the nasal cavity of an individual. There have been many doctors who have spoken out against the validity of PCR test and it’s pretty well known that they are not as accurate as we have been reporting in the main stream media. Because they are overly sensitive they are very good at detecting something that could be an indication that the individual is infected with the virus.

      Matthew SnyderMatthew SnyderPrije mjesec
    • @Matthew Snyder thats BS. If you have it in you, you are infected. You cant have the virus in you and not be infected. Thats totally impossible. You can have it and have no symptoms. But that still means you're contagious

      Metal PuppetMetal PuppetPrije mjesec
  • Can you do another Covid update? With new information on transmission and what is being used to treat symptoms and such?

    Catherine FlaniganCatherine FlaniganPrije mjesec
  • It’s not for the kids. Kids are barely effected by the virus it’s their grandparents at home.

    Ethan AugurEthan AugurPrije mjesec
    • @Ethan Augur when it comes to deciding about the measures against it deaths of Covid itself are irrelevant anyways. Sounds weird but its the truth. The real danger are the severe cases. Which are WAYYY more than they are in a regular flu season. By severe I dont mean deadly but I mean people who need to go to the hospital. Which causes health care systems to collapse and because of that people with other conditions like heart attacks, strokes etc, who normally would have had a survival rate of like 95% die a whole lot more often because of missing ressources. Thats the real tragedy. And we can avoid that with lockdowns, wearing masks etc

      Metal PuppetMetal PuppetPrije mjesec
    • @Metal Puppet about 200,000 people in the US have died from the virus from the CDC. From 1 to 25 years of age less than 500 have died. Without preexisting conditions age 65 to 85 about 150,000 have died. So no it’s not as common not even close like incomparable.

      Ethan AugurEthan AugurPrije mjesec
    • @Ethan Augur they can and they have died though. Its just not as common

      Metal PuppetMetal PuppetPrije mjesec
    • @Metal Puppet yea that’s what I meant its just that so many people are saying that children will die when it’s not true.

      Ethan AugurEthan AugurPrije mjesec
    • They spread it though. Without even knowing that they have it. And thats why its so important to also protect the children

      Metal PuppetMetal PuppetPrije mjesec
  • Total deaths from Covid in the US for kids between 0 and 17 is currently at 100 (Feb to Oct). For reference, pneumonia deaths for the same age range and timeframe is 337. Delay school opening? Dr. Jay Bhattacharya has been advocating for a risk based mitigation from the beginning to help to isolate those at high risk while allowing those at very low risk to live their lives. All of these types of contagious viruses will eventually run through the population and become a part of the environment and stop due either to herd immunity from exposure or from vaccination. Older teachers or those with serious comorbidities might be good to isolate themselves and maybe work from home. But, no grade schools should ever have been shutdown in the first place. All this has accomplished is making poor Americans even poorer. You must also consider the costs of any steps you take, which are not just financial. This includes the people that don't get other necessary medical treatment for serious disease. Half of people receiving cancer treatment said that they were avoiding going to the doctor due to their risk of covid. This was months after healthcare facilities had implemented covid procedures to essentially eliminate this risk for these situations. Then mental health and suicides. List goes on and on. I just hope a year from now when the damage from lockdowns can be counted the people that pushed for the draconian policies will publicly accept that they were wrong and apologize for advocating for such bad ideas.

    Alex JonesAlex JonesPrije mjesec
    • @Metal Puppet I never compared deaths of all ages of covid to deaths of all ages to the flu. Maybe you meant to make that replay against a different comment?

      Alex JonesAlex JonesPrije mjesec
    • @Metal Puppet Did you actually look at the link I provided to the US CDC? I'll say it again, CHILDREN (which have different risks than elderly) have almost no risk of dying from Covid. So far, only 102 people under 18 died from Covid in the US out of the over 200,000 total deaths. In contrast, 340 died from pneumonia and 124 from influenza during the same Covid timeframe. Look at this link and see for yourself

      Alex JonesAlex JonesPrije mjesec
    • @Alex Jones It is simply false that more people die from the flu than from Covid. In my country we have had 411 deaths from the flu in the last flu season. Which was from October 2019 until April 2020. Thats 7 months. We had almost 10000 Covid deaths in half that time. People try to blow up the flu death numbers. There never was a flu season where tens of thousands have died. In no country.

      Metal PuppetMetal PuppetPrije mjesec
    • @Metal Puppet It is almost exclusively old and/or sick people with comorbidities that have died in the US. 96% of people recorded as a Covid death had at least one other comorbidity and on average, there were 2.6 additional conditions or causes per death. Children have almost no risk of dying from Covid. So far, only 102 people under 18 died from Covid in the US out of the over 200,000 total deaths. In contrast, 340 died from pneumonia and 124 from influenza during the same Covid timeframe. I few highly publicized deaths of young healthy children can be emotionally powerful but you must look at the underlying data yourself. Sounds like people in the tabloid media have already chosen a view for you and planted that idea into your brain so that you are closed off from conflicting data. Why else would you respond with such emotional wording and profanity when all I've presented is a reasonable difference of opinion that is supported by evidence.

      Alex JonesAlex JonesPrije mjesec
    • @Alex Jones Italy's situation is NOT because of old population ffs. They dont have a THAT much older population. And they dont have THAT much more people with pre existing health issues. Thats absolute bs. Young and otherwise fit people died from Covid in Italy and everywhere else. They just have reacted too slow. When they went into lockdown it was already too late. Same in America etc

      Metal PuppetMetal PuppetPrije mjesec
  • My disabled sister just returned to school. They promised, prior to today, that everyone would wear masks and social distance. She came home without a mask. And they said they cannot expect their students to wear masks (children nor adults), or force social distancing. They're still *following all recommendations* (?) And the rules to reopen. They're cleaning classes every hour, and the busses before and after. Kids can't come in with 'even a runny' nose. There are asymptomatic carriers, and you don't show immediate symptoms. I know, I *had* it. I shown symptoms days after I last was in public. Plus, these kids *all* have underlying health conditions. My parents are okay with this, because "we need to return to normal". I'm, however, terrified. For my sister, the educators, the students, my family, and myself.

    Ama LaniAma LaniPrije mjesec
    • Also, students can be as old as 25. My sister is 23 currently. They're not all children.

      Ama LaniAma LaniPrije mjesec
  • The uncomfortable truth... I wish my mom had retired last year. Every day wears her out so badly, trying to wrestle a 3rd grade classroom. I lost one parent to stress. There is no safe place. There is no safe district. There is no safe teacher. We ALL LIVE IN A 2D WORLD. IT'S A PANDEMIC. It's not the teachers job to sacrifice their lives in order to socialize children. Traditional school has only been traditional for about 100 years.

    Kristin JohnsonKristin JohnsonPrije mjesec
  • That dr Epstein looks like Jeffrey Epstein

    André AlvaradoAndré AlvaradoPrije mjesec
  • ⚠️NUREMBERG CODE⚠️ Article 6, section 3 states: In no case should a collective agreement or the consent of a community leader or any other authority, substitute for an individuals informed consent. Leaders should be aware that mandating masks on the citizens of a nation and preventing their access to food, healthcare , transportation or education if they don't comply, is a war crime.

    Global0bserveRGlobal0bserveRPrije mjesec
  • This is a very important topic of discussion and our nation should have been discussing and planning for this way before it started to do so. I am an elementary school teacher and I believe that kids need to be in the classroom for many reasons. However, I know of many of my fellow teachers who are in a position where 1) they are at high risk or 2) have family members at home who are at high risk. Teachers should not have to put their lives or their family member's lives on the line here. There are many different alternatives and safety precautions that could have been put in place way before it was a month before school was to reopen. Such as better preparation of classrooms, spacing out how many students are in the classroom on a given day or month, Federal funding for sanitation of the school, classrooms and common areas - I could go on and on. But the real truth is, in my opinion, our Secretary of Education and President has failed our education system by essentially ignoring medical professionals like you and your guest for far to long only to come up with a hap-hazzard solution (for solely political reasons) that I believe will turn out in a very bad way once flu season begins to climb for everyone. I think I speak for many public school teachers in this topic.

    Rick BoysenRick BoysenPrije mjesec
  • I under stand why they shouldn’t but it’s harder to do it online but kids from 5th grade or elementary should stay home because they don’t understand how to we’re a mask wash hands and social distans

    William SmithWilliam SmithPrije mjesec
  • Ok let’s look at this situation this way Without a pandemic, school is still one of the leading causes of stress in kids and teens for many reasons. Bullying, academic stress (which is why the educational system needs to change) And think about this. Reopening schools isn’t gonna make things normal. There’s still the stress that COVID is causing (whether COVID is overhyped or not) And schools will be mandating masks and checking temperatures and school won’t be the same. Kids will have to distance Meaning that kids won’t get the school experience they’ve always had. It’s just added stress And with the amount of stress school causes kids already, is it really good for their mental health to send them back? Not to mention. Sure middle aged people and kids have low death rates from COVID. BUT THEY EXIST! There are deaths among families like that. It’s not safe to risk it as there’s a family in the us losing someone close to them because we’re sending kids in school. Yes. Online schooling isn’t as efficient as regular schooling. But why don’t we, instead of sending kids back, adapt to that and improve how online learning works.

    Kokichi Ouma , your supreme leaderKokichi Ouma , your supreme leaderPrije mjesec