The TRUTH About Coronavirus Antibody Tests

22. Tra 2020.
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Many people are hailing as antibody tests as the solution for ending the COVID-19 pandemic. But there are real issues with these tests and they aren't meant to be used for individuals seeking answers...yet!
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  • Hes so handsome

    Crystal shardsCrystal shardsPrije 2 sati
  • How does anybody know, if there is anything , other than a clean test strip going up your nose , inserting something into our noses leaving behind anything that we don't know about that the government is keeping hidden from the people . ?

    Ryan KaiserRyan KaiserPrije 2 dana
  • "these reference ranges take years to develop !" what about the vaccine ?

    nick goodmannick goodmanPrije 2 dana
  • Please prove viruses exist. Per Stefen Lanka german virologist they dont exist. Its not germ theory, but terrain theory.

    MIKE PinkstonMIKE PinkstonPrije 2 dana
  • I pray for everyone's health and safety //

    Hamala HarshanHamala HarshanPrije 3 dana
  • No those test are Bullsheiza don't waste your money

    Potter AliPotter AliPrije 3 dana
  • I DONT GET WHY DOCTORS ARE PRESCRIBING IGG IGM COVID ANTIBODY BLOOD TEST. I DO TONS OF THEM IDK WHAT THEY WILL DO WITH RESULTS. Is it just a money making or they are actually helpful. Because they are not approved by FDA please someone explain

    Javal PatelJaval PatelPrije 5 dana
  • I will not be getting the vaccine for this years' corona flu, because it has MCR-5 which is diploid human cell culture composed of fibroblasts: Lung tissue of aborted fetus…All people have to do is look up each of these: Do it now... Recombinant DNA sequencing; ChAdOx1-S; MRC-5… The MHRA urgently seeks an artificial intelligence (AI) software tool to process the EXPECTED HIGH VOLUME OF COVID19 VACCINE ADVERSE DRUG REACTIONS (ADRs)

    Marney CohenMarney CohenPrije 5 dana
  • Doctor Mike, the virus hasn't even been contained or isolated? The Serology test reads: False Positive results MAY occur due to cross reactivity from pre existing antibodies or other possible causes. The test doesn't detect "the virus" only antibodies that many people have due to a cold or other corona flu from previous years…

    Marney CohenMarney CohenPrije 5 dana
  • Honestly, how can they test for a viral particle that has not been found yet? The CDC admits that they don’t actually have a COVID-19 viral particle. It is a computer model of a viral particle similar to COVID-19. But how can it be similar to Covid not teen if they don’t have a viral particle?

    adam elisonadam elisonPrije 5 dana
  • i have a question, if a person is tested positif but it's a false positive (let's assume we know for a fact that it is a false positif) if the person is tested again three times in a row will the tests be positif ?

    RAHMOUNI MohamedRAHMOUNI MohamedPrije 6 dana
  • Has anything changed since 7 months ago when you posted this video? Are there any people that had COVID-19 twice? If yes, how long after the first infection did they get reinfected? I guess that would indicate how short the antibodies protection might last. I know some people that had COVID-19 or tested positive, but none of them twice. I'm pretty sure I had it myself back in April and will do the antibodies test this week (not sure how will they use the result, but for me is just to confirm if I had it or not). No one seems to ever speak about these topics, but apparently now they have discovered some vaccines. Surely that effort wasn't only for a week or two of immunity. However, they just don't say how long should immunity last. It makes no sense at all: If you made a vaccine you should know that much. Regardless, we'll all jump in head first to get the vaccine. Probably not me yet, until I clear my doubts about this particular vaccine. I'd like to know as well if a person that had the vaccine should expect to have more antibodies than one that had a mild infection? Am asking this because you said that you might not have enough antibodies after a mild infection and you might catch it again. I.m.o. as far as you are concerned (not others) I can't see the problem here. It should be even milder the second time, as at least you have some antibodies at all now. That's simplistic I guess, but is it wrong? Sorry if my questions are dumb or unclear but can you try to give give some answers?

    SorinSorinPrije 6 dana
  • Patient tests positive via rapid antigen test. Suspects false positive because family of 6 have had no symptoms. Positive person has no symptoms. Person takes pcr test following day and it is negative, 96 hours takes another pcr test and it’s negative. Takes antibody test at 96 hours and 7 days later is negative for igg/igm. Question chances of false positive? Second question is if the person had the virus 9 months ago and they really did have it when the test positive on the recent antigen test, would they produce Igm and igg again or would other immune cells be involved?

    Randy Taylor DMD MPHRandy Taylor DMD MPHPrije 6 dana
  • Yes, could you imagine having a deadly virus and not even know you had it? Could you imagine having to get tested for a deadly virus to find out if you have it? Doesn't that tell us something? Can we look at the big picture here please? Love of Life over Fear of Death! Stop hiding and start living!

    Elaine BenesElaine BenesPrije 8 dana
  • covid 19 is not a novel virus. It is a strain of SARS Cov - 1 and shares 78% of the genome. Like every year flu mutates into a different strain but we don't say it' a 'novel' flu virus and close down society.

    Elaine BenesElaine BenesPrije 8 dana
  • Mike ís a believer in germ theory jaja

    Richard BennettRichard BennettPrije 10 dana
  • My father was covid positive. Today is the 14th day. I am still having some symptoms. I am confused whether I should go fot RT-PCR or IGG test.

    Aditya Kumar MasonAditya Kumar MasonPrije 10 dana
  • @Doctor Mike I'm able to understand what you're saying but I get lot of questions why do reference ranges take decades to research literally I want you to be my teacher I love you a lot from deep inside ..So automatically I listen and understand what you're saying If you were my teacher I would be soo good at my skills and I know there shouldn't be any reason for not achieving my goal ! Though im not seeing you everyday im having your techniques and advices for me to not get frustrated ..

    Dayanithi LDayanithi LPrije 11 dana
  • @Doctor Mike speaking of antibodies ..with my knowledge ..blood group A nd B has antigens but no antibodies and blood group O has no antigen but antibodies..Is that true? If thats true the ppl with blood group A and B are more prone to covid?

    Dayanithi LDayanithi LPrije 11 dana
  • Dr mike i want to become doc're really explaining so good ...but still I'm not understandingit ..if I'm not able to understand complicated thing it really going to be tough to become doc ..I'm in my 12th grade india ..pls help or I think I'm weak in English so it is also plays a role for not understanding easily ..

    Dayanithi LDayanithi LPrije 11 dana
  • Which tests have been approved?? The one I’ve been getting tested on isn’t fda approved! I just looked it up!

    edward teagueedward teaguePrije 12 dana
  • I will tell you now, there are in fact 10,s of thousands of reasons antibodies kick in, how do they know they are there specifically for so call COVID 19 ? They can't . They are assuming it it is, it is in reality due to a political narrative, they have a hidden agenda, with nothing to do with illness, it's just used as vehicle to bring their changes within society.

    MAGA TRONMAGA TRONPrije 13 dana
  • i had chicken pox twice and it happened after i took vaccine back in days

    jml yngjml yngPrije 13 dana
  • Imagine if doctor mike played the guy in YOU

    Destiny HendrixDestiny HendrixPrije 14 dana

    GratitudeGratitudePrije 15 dana
  • The PCR test are 60-80 % are inaccurate!!!

    GratitudeGratitudePrije 15 dana
  • who is still here in november?

    Vwtroy troyVwtroy troyPrije 15 dana
  • You get chicken pox at a young age when older it can lead to shingles

    MarkMarkPrije 16 dana
  • Thats called an upper respiratory infection

    Snow_ManeSnow_ManePrije 17 dana
  • Can Zicam affect test results?

    Eddie FishEddie FishPrije 17 dana
  • I received an antibody index of 222. What does that mean?

    Jenn TeganoJenn TeganoPrije 18 dana
  • Mike, check out There test received the EUA and scored the highest. Check it out.

    Murph ReportMurph ReportPrije 18 dana

    Javal PatelJaval PatelPrije 18 dana
  • Hi, Dr. Mike! I would like to present to you my situation and ask for your advice, please. My good friend got PCR tested on Saturday and she is covid-19 positive. My throat is sore but other than that I feel fine. I was thinking to do serology tests in a few days, is it useful? I am isolated at the moment and the plan is to do so for 2 weeks after I saw her, but I'd like to somehow be sure that it is safe for other people if I go out. What would be your advice, please? Thanks.

    Svetlana JelicSvetlana JelicPrije 18 dana
  • Thank you for explaining.. Can you pls explain my result i had tested Total antibody (IgG+IgM) (CLIA) and result came is > 10.00

    Prashant GhegadmalPrashant GhegadmalPrije 19 dana
  • Absolutely incorrect and for shame casting that over youtube, surrogate test means you CAN NOT call anything covid based on its results, certainly not lockdown nations, because it also picks up flu and cold illness. Very dangerous ball game, please correct yourself and dont give people fear, give them absolute facts and do this not for views amd subscriptions. Over 800.000 medical professionals world wide to this day are trying their best to bring concern back to the real top 10 killers. Covid is a vile distraction.

    Darrell DaviesDarrell DaviesPrije 19 dana
  • China has ruined the world...How can we still buy made in China's products?

    Medou YsfMedou YsfPrije 20 dana
  • Also Dr.Mike the E.r doc reccomended ibuprophen or motrin I thought that could cause ryes syndrome so I have only taken Tylenol but why would they SUGGEST something that could have made me worse. Very scary ...

    Tiffany ElliottTiffany ElliottPrije 20 dana
  • FYI: there is no qorona: Also, now forced testing (look up what's going on in Liverpool, UK), forced vaccination next... School In Liverpool To BARCODE TEST Kids With ARMY 😟 Parental Consent Not Required

    Magazine NewspaperMagazine NewspaperPrije 20 dana
  • I was tested positive for covid more than 2 weeks back. I have no symptoms anymore for last 3-4 days. Is it ok for me to get antibody test and what should be my guidelines.

    Anser WaheedAnser WaheedPrije 22 dana
  • Kary Mullis, the inventor of the PCR Test said out his mouth that the Pcr tests Do NOT tell someone if they are Sick. Do a vid on that Doc.

    Lowkey TLowkey TPrije 22 dana
  • Coronaviruses have been here for decades, they dont change a lot, so there is information about it, eveytime a virus mutate is not to be more deadly but to be more infectious, thats basic virus mindset thinking, you create immunity and you save it, thats how people dont have flu or other virus sympthoms for years, because they fought it, the body knoes the pathogen, simple. Corona Sars Cov has been for decades, if was SO lethal has the media says, more than 50 millions would have died, this is all because to force people to vaccine.

    Hugo SaialHugo SaialPrije 23 dana
  • But what if we have a negative test but all the symptoms including complete loss of smell and taste

    Hailey HallHailey HallPrije 24 dana
  • Can you make a discussion for igm/igg? Like, positive/negative. What does it mean? How do you recognize a person who has a covid but no symptoms or had already recovered but no symptoms. I've seen this to laboratory test for rapid testing.

    FreyaFreyaPrije 24 dana
  • What does it mean if you were tested positive with Covid 19 thru swab testing and after a week, you tested negative for antibody test?

    Jhazz SantosJhazz SantosPrije 24 dana
  • 🚫🚫 DONT LET THEM SWAB YOUR NOSTRILS ‼️Copied... From A "front line" NURSE PRACTITIONER.. Speaking out...Basically you would have to be brain dead already to submit, but judging from the number of people willingly restricting their oxygen intake, I'd say there are already MANY who will and are offering themselves up for this invasive PROCEDURE. because it's NOT a test for Covid., it doesn't exist! We are "testing" for 2 things.. your submission to willingly have your body violated, for the pretense of finding fragments of previous cold remnants. NOT for Covid 19. this assault is dangerous! This information comes from my colleague and doctors. Brain access, is through the nose. the test has another purpose than what the drug pushers say! Inserting a test bar deeply into the nose, causes hematoencephalic barrier damage, can also damage endocrine glands (e.g. hypophysis). that's why testing hurts so much! the purpose of this deep violation, is to break the barrier and create an entry into the brain for every infection. When wearing a mouth and nose mask, bacteria and CO2 mask are collected and transported to the brain through the nose channel. the barrier's task is to protect you from brain neurotoxins, heavy metals, bacteria and other toxins. if endocrine glands are damaged, symptoms such as muscle weakness, blood circulation, visual disturbances etc. may develop. there is no legal basis for this physical intervention it is also a mass violation of physical immunity! Wake up to the assault. YOU are being violated along with your rights, no wonder so many "covid survivors" have long term issues. anyone would after being subjected to this most sensitive body violation! Anyone who would submit to this needs to wake UP! And the fact checkers are more than welcome to check that out!

    Johnny StarrJohnny StarrPrije 26 dana
  • Sneezing ain't one of the symptoms as he claimed

    redmcclaffredmcclaffPrije 26 dana
  • that's not how statistics work

    IGame4FUN :DIGame4FUN :DPrije 26 dana
  • My daughter was tested positive the nasal swab showing symptoms, so I took myself and other daughter to have a serology rapid test ( finger prick) she was positive IgM, I was negative, three days later I went back was I was positive with the serology rapid finger prick, I was then negative again 4 days later does this make sense, I was asymptotic? Also the urgent care says we don’t report results.

    Jessica DeesJessica DeesPrije mjesec
  • If one has an existing illness like autoimmune, should they be worried that they will get positive for rapid test?

    Emeraude HimeEmeraude HimePrije mjesec
  • Covid tests actually tear for general material that everyone carries, so anyone can test positive. And the amount of people that have sent test kits without swabbing themselves and have still tested positive just shows this is one big scam. Oh and a covid death is any death 28 days within testing positive. PLANDEMIC

    Big VirgilBig VirgilPrije mjesec
  • i seen and read about this vaccinations they are causing sterilisation in male and female never get it this what gov wants to kill world population this why every gov in world made and released this virus it was made to kill millions this attempted murder on mass scale hang all gov worldwide fight

    Roger WilsonRoger WilsonPrije mjesec
  • calling into duty all assassins there global pandemic called gov go clean up the mess

    Roger WilsonRoger WilsonPrije mjesec
  • covid is immigration data collection hunt if your illegal in a country hide dont get tested gov using this to find you and also dna data collection for police world wide for unsolved crimes and futer ones

    Roger WilsonRoger WilsonPrije mjesec
  • the odds getting any serouse virus is 3 million to one chance getting it why panic then covid not deadly why because man made idiot

    Roger WilsonRoger WilsonPrije mjesec
  • if no cure then what they saying nothing kill it what's point washing hands using hand washes ect ect massive billions spent on cleaning costs water cant kill it they think we stupid please shut down all internet it full bullshit

    Roger WilsonRoger WilsonPrije mjesec
  • If even the best anti-bodies tests (or are you talking about PCR tests or both anti-bodies and PCR?) tests have 5% false positive error rate, what about the PCR tests that millions of American's are using? Can you tell us about the range of false positives and false negatives associated with the the PCR tests that are being most widely used in the U.S.? Thanks for the info!

    Sylvan De La CruzSylvan De La CruzPrije mjesec
  • Dear doctor can you pls tell us if the Covid-19 virus has been isolated? Thanks

    cascailmondocascailmondoPrije mjesec
  • Germ Theory is the new Flat Earth! Presumed here by 'Dr Mike', it's strongly debated whether 'viruses' are alive as are bacterial cells, or not alive! A pursuit of transparency and honesty quickly leads one to the realisation that 'viruses' are NOT alive, and too are NOT external parasitic invaders, but have been wholly maligned, misnamed, and exploited in context of epidemics for political expediency and HRworld hits since Bismarck sponsored Koch's discovery of Anthrax to paint the British as pox-ridden invaders of the Suez canal in 1889! Pasteur soon came with vaccination... now we're experiencing off-the-scale levels of IQ lowering and brain damage from vaccination ingredients such as aluminium - a Frankenstein nonsense which is essentially justified by the Unicorn-Poo infectious myth al la Dr Mike's 'truth'. If RT qPCR tests were 2.3% inaccurate in either + or - direction as estimated, that applies to the whole test group and not just those tested twice who get a contradictory test result. Twenty accurate detections of 'Conjob19' actually results in a massive 230 false positives, see:

    Gregg McKenzieGregg McKenziePrije mjesec
  • We don't know so much about Covid19... but we 'know' we should wear masks, lockdown, and destroy millions of lives. Humans call themselves sapiens, right.

    ScientismScientismPrije mjesec
  • I think they are getting people ready to receive an implant in the same spot. This whole thing will be used to get ppl to get a mark chip in sinus cavities (forehead) and vax or mark in hand or arm. Good thing the flu and common cold don't exist any longer.

    Jon IwanyszynJon IwanyszynPrije mjesec
  • It's pretty strange how a lab will call you and say, "your PCR sample it's positive, but the virus level is low and you'll recover quickly." How do you know it's low? I'm looking at my lab results online, and there is no referential range visible. So what say you to that? Oh yes, you are right, the PCR test is qualitative, it's either you got Covid or you don't. I understand that most people don't know that, and most medical professionals are just trying their best to calm us down, but scenarios like this just create more confusion, and lead us to question what's the point of getting tested with a PCR? Doesn't an accompanying antibody test -- although admittingly, yes the reference ranges take time to develop -- but maybe they might just give us at least just a bit more assurance and clarity of the levels of the monster we're each battling with?

    Lili ParapluieLili ParapluiePrije mjesec
  • You're a fraud just like the covid scam. A lawsuit is being filed against the scam. So debunk that weirdo!!

    Firecracker 2020Firecracker 2020Prije mjesec
  • Hey Dr. Mike, Could you please tell me what does it mean to have igG postive/ negative nd igM negative/ negative

    Roufaida _.Roufaida _.Prije mjesec
    • I suggest you read this article, under "Antibody Function" the three functions are explained quite well scientifically. It's referring to whether you've got antibodies (IgG and IgM) present in your body that will indicate you've recently been exposed to the virus infection. If IgM is Positive and IgG is Negative your immune system has been producing antibodies to help fight the virus and you might be immune. Unfortunately, as Doctor Mike pointed out, it's uncertain whether the virus built up enough antibodies, and if it did and you're immune, how long your immunity will last. A doctor in a hospital near me got infected with Covid, his immunity only lasted 3 weeks.

      Lili ParapluieLili ParapluiePrije mjesec
  • Thanks Dr. Mike Much love, I appreciate the advice

    charles mavericksscharles maverickssPrije mjesec
  • Dr Mike I am staying a nursing envir.ent were they force us to take the coronavirus test and I'm coming back negative so it is really frustrating why I am being forced to constantly do this

    Jo SneedJo SneedPrije mjesec
  • Great video!!! I have access to the antigen and antibody rapid test kits.. our sensitivity is 99% and specificity 100%. Results are in 15 mins and accuracy is 98%. The antibody is currently FDA approved and antigen is FDA EUA Currently waiting on a full FDA approval. We’re the only ones with a 98% accuracy rate. Let me know if you need them. Must have a NPI number.

    GenX Marketing GroupGenX Marketing GroupPrije mjesec
  • Great explanation, reallyappreciating....

    Deepak GangoriaDeepak GangoriaPrije mjesec
  • Oh no Dr. Fauchi. Yikes!

    Mai 0808Mai 0808Prije mjesec
  • what are the names of TESTS that are approved through an EUA?

    OtakukōnāOtakukōnāPrije mjesec
  • My dad is actually working on a test for COVID. He’s trying to get it as accurate as possible, readable in 5-10 mins, be quantitative, and be able to be read with your smartphone, and be manufactured for less than 5 dollars. (Charles Henry CSU)

    Micah HenryMicah HenryPrije mjesec
  • OMG! You interviewed the MAN himself?! The man who lied to America at the worst possible time?! Luckyyyy.. So, where did you poke him with the ol hiver-stick?? 💉👌

    BenjiBenjiPrije mjesec
  • Manufactured in Codnoasware?? I've never heard of this country.. Even google doesn't know of it 😳 you don't have to respond if your feeling weak. I understand.. 😷

    BenjiBenjiPrije mjesec
  • I know you uploaded this a few months ago but I have a question? So the antibody test for covid is used to tell you weather the person has had the virus? Not if they do or don’t have it?

    Jamie RosasJamie RosasPrije mjesec
  • Dr Mike can you explain why the NHS in the UK use a pcr test for detecting covid, which it's own creator said in 1996 shouldn't be used for detecting viruses? The government had even had to admit to the public it's not entirely accurate as there are false positives and negatives. Also people now are literally swabbing random items like their cat, a lamppost, the curb outside their house, a car tyre, half of whom are getting a positive result back. I fear us Brits are having some major bs thrown out way.

    Tom TomTom TomPrije mjesec
    • You are right. We are all being fed with bs propaganda of a fiction virus that is so deadly that you need a test which they still have not been able to isolate and purify so they can sequence it's whole genome like all virologist normally do by standard in science. Dr. Andrew Kaufman has debunked all those articles out there that boldly stated that they have found the "virus". Anyone with 2 brain cells can see through this scamdemic.

      MrJuggernauteMrJuggernautePrije mjesec
  • Covid test hurts a bit

    Cullen Luke ChuaCullen Luke ChuaPrije mjesec
  • It's doctor Faustus

    Thomas VoloshenThomas VoloshenPrije mjesec
  • PCR tests are bullshit....and case counts!!!! Antibody tests are pretty much as bad. Stay in your basement wear your Badge of Courage and do what your television tells you, is the final point The government says if you test positive and you die from falling off a ladder it's a coronavirus death that's why the case counts are ridiculously high plus the fact that the test uses at times as many as forty amplification Cycles when many experts recommend no more than 30

    Thomas VoloshenThomas VoloshenPrije mjesec
  • My son is 9 years old and I don't want to get him sick with this coivd-19 , if I get it. Should I get retested again?

  • Me and son got tested in July for covid 19, negative results. Should we get tested again, since I have been working in a automotive shop?

    • There is no need for fear please. This is all a hoax orchestrated by the elites to impose lockdown restrictions and control the population. There is zero evidence of this alleged virus to even exist. The test itself was never made for this type of situation. Kary Mullis (inventor of the rt-pcr) already stated that. Sadly he died last year just weeks before the outbreak of this plandemic. Avoid any further testing and please do not take the vaccine. Stay safe and good luck.

      MrJuggernauteMrJuggernautePrije mjesec
  • I'm so happy, i never believe i will be this happy again in life, I was working as an air-hoster for 3years but early this year, i lost my job because of this deadly disease called Herpes virus (HSV), I never felt sick or have any symptom, till all workers were ask to bring their doctors report, that was how i got tested and i found out that am HSV positive that made me loose my job, because it was consider as an STD and is incurable disease, i explained to a friend of mine, who always said to me a problem share is a problem solved, that was how she directed me to Dr Abumere , that was how i contacted him and get the medication from this doctor and i got cured for real, for similar issues contact this herbal doctor via you can also WhatsApp/call +2349021975055...

    Search CashSearch CashPrije mjesec
  • I have a friend that tested positive for antibody total and negative for antibody IgG had swab test done and came back negative too, after two months they repeat the antibody total test and came back still positive, what is the meaning of that? Thank you in advance for answering

    Alexandra PunzalanAlexandra PunzalanPrije mjesec
  • I've also read that the SARS-CoV-2 antibody tests can give a positive result if you have had any of the many Coronaviruses in circulation, including the ones that only cause common colds. It seems to me that if the antibody test returns positive for any Coronaviruses, not just the single one that causes Covid-19, then that test would be essentially meaningless. Is that part of the reason for the high false positive? Is any of that true, or have I been misinformed?

    jeffmbelluccijeffmbellucciPrije mjesec
  • This doctor on U-tube I just watched said there is no definitive test out here. He said they can swab the person for the presence of RNA, or a blood test for anti-bodies, but it still does not give a definitive conclusion. Personally I think there is a Chinese virus in Wuhan, China, but it's an exaggerated hysteria.

    Kenny BlairKenny BlairPrije mjesec
  • Hello, I went through Anti-SARS CoV-2 (Roche) test after six weeks of getting first symptom and my result is : 10.76 Can someone explain the result to me?

    Madhur AgarwalMadhur AgarwalPrije mjesec
  • Are they also a false negative rate?

    MarinMarinPrije mjesec
  • I have some symptoms of covid and I'm scared :(

    Content ThingContent ThingPrije mjesec
  • You are more than welcome to call me out here, but im genuinely curious about my situation, back in january when all of this started up i was working 12-16 hours between 2 jobs, and i got sick (before the US announced covid, but multiple people were already covering it) but i got better within 2 weeks, bedrest, ginger, sunlight, vitamins. Then in march my mother caught covid, i was openly exposed to her in her car, house, sharing drinks, etc.. But i never got sick whatsoever. Should i get an antibody test? Would it help at all now? I dont care about how long im immune for, i just want to help somehow, without being in the way?

    Brandon HensonBrandon HensonPrije mjesec
  • Hi doctor Mike. I tested positive positive on july 23 and recovered. Did a quantitative antibody test one month later and tested positive for IgG and the total antibody count . Is there any information out there that would tell me how high are my chances of getting re-infected again? Spoke to my family doc and she said that chances are less..would like to know your insight!! Thanks!!😊

    Aparna JAparna JPrije mjesec
  • Hi Dr mike .... some people say the stick for corona test what goes in ur nose give you the virus , is this true ?

    Jan LuLJan LuLPrije mjesec
  • The-return-to-normal-after-planneddemic chinese covid-19 solution ..... is to jail this college dropout, mad, fake scientist billy eugenicist vaccine pusher gates in a labour camp chinese style The US senate is not even aware, they have a traitor in their midst Fauci who coocked up/weaponized the covid-19 virus in wuhan china: After the oktober 2014 US ban on monster-germ research (under which Corona-bat-virus research (which is manipulation: to make the virus more deadly and infectious) for reasons deemed too dangerous and a too high risk for a pandemic. (moratorium on GOF in 2014) Fauci illegaly outsourced/subsidized to the tune of 3.7 million dollar this monster-germ research (under which Corona-bat-virus research) to the Wuhan Institute of Virology 'biosafety' level 4 in china.(2015) This Fauci, bud boy of mad pseudo scientist Bill Gates, having received from college drop out billy boy grants to the tune of 100 of millions of dollars is now giving advise on how to handle this virus crisis. What a hypocrit....telling years in advance under Obama that the next administration (i.e. the Trump administration) would be faced with a pandemic . ps: puppet master, eugenicist bill gates patented Zika (weaponized mosquitoes with it), covid-19 and other virusses. And since Ebola and HIV are also patented, that makes that all these virusses are ps: contact tracing business ...same usual suspects .....clintons/soros/gates etc.: .....

    Robrecht saskiRobrecht saskiPrije mjesec
  • what is igg positive means?

    lika rizsyafarevylika rizsyafarevyPrije mjesec
  • Why is there such an abundance of false positive covid-19 tests results? There are people testing positive but haven't even been tested for the virus. How is that possible? Will you address that question? This is a 5 month old about an update?

    Eamon CrawfordEamon CrawfordPrije mjesec
  • Where did first person get it? Bats??? Dead bats??? Makes no sense. The virus theory to disease has not been substantiated. Ever.

    makepeaceumakepeaceuPrije mjesec
    • That is the official story they went with however failed to prove that. People are so stupid and gullible that they will believe anything these days without questioning it. Lack of critical thinkers nowadays...

      MrJuggernauteMrJuggernautePrije mjesec
  • Can we not use it to test ourself after a short period of isolation to see if we have any antibodies and if we don't there is a very good chance we don't have the infection?

    David JonesDavid JonesPrije mjesec
  • There's nothing they can do to help you!!! So why get tested?

    Dr WhoDr WhoPrije mjesec

    Nat WhiteNat WhitePrije 2 mjeseci
  • I got chickenpox 2 times both confirmed by doctors

    N. StackN. StackPrije 2 mjeseci
  • This video seems like an approval to plod along with the current hodgepodge we have both in the UK and USA. In the UK they're shutting pubs at 10, why, does the virus go to sleep after 10? Countries such as S.Korea and Germany have laid out a blue print to tackle the virus. Why couldn't the UK and USA have followed it? You say the virus is transmitted by raspatory droplets, which then make contact with mucus membranes, its then advisory to force people to have masks and visors, surely this would reduce the rate of infection?

    Khaled HussainKhaled HussainPrije 2 mjeseci
    • Control of population. A new era is on its way and they need to practice and experiment by imposing these stupid draconian rules. Greater things are on it's way.

      MrJuggernauteMrJuggernautePrije mjesec
  • A friend of mine (in Netherlands) booked to get tested but after half an hour wait she had to go to another appointment and left. 3 days later she got a letter saying she'd tested positive!!! It's a scam folks

    anne darlinganne darlingPrije 2 mjeseci