Doctor Reacts To Home Alone Injuries

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It’s the holiday season so I wanted to react to some of my favorite Christmas movies, Home Alone 1 and 2. I saw DistractifyYT brought on several doctors to react to the injuries in these movies several years ago, so props to them for the idea! In taking my crack at it, I discuss all sorts of traumatic injuries suffered by Harry and Marv, such as concussions, burns, testicular torsion, slips, falls, and the all-too-common holiday injury of an iron smashing your face. Oh, and nails in your foot. And bricks hitting your skull! Ouch… enjoy!
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-Doctor Mike Varshavski
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  • I've gotten my breath knocked out 3 times i was scared the first time the second time I was chill thrid time I just got up no I have breathing issues hmm...... idk

    2 ideots with a phone2 ideots with a phonePrije 47 minuta
    • I've gotten a electrocution from a charger i basically passed out tbh

      2 ideots with a phone2 ideots with a phonePrije 41 minute
  • This video turned into a school lesson

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  • You Should React to the Horror Hospital Scene From Spider Man 2.

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  • Welcome back to Doctor Mike where he talks about testicles

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  • Wait didn't he get hit with more than 2 bricks? I watched both movies and I remember more than 2 bricks hitting him.

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  • What about the flour scene.

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  • this guy is a nerd

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  • Me when I bite into a pepper thinking its sweet but its actually a raw jalapeno: 4:30

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  • Me: accidentally hits the wall with my hand Doctor mike: the real bad that gonna make your hand swell and it dislocated your finger joints Me: GOD DA-

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  • 2:10 yes IK that’s painful

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  • Hi

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  • Mike's reactions are the best😂😂

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  • I didn't understand half of what he was saying but it was interesting

    Ya crazy girl ZYa crazy girl ZPrije 9 sati
  • This hurt watching those because the injuries

    Violet KellyViolet KellyPrije 9 sati
  • Mike: *wants to get an even tan* Dermatologists: T R A I T O R ! ! !

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  • I need that it was painful to watch all of the injures as child but knowing what happened is worse .

    Cori Tucker-TooneCori Tucker-ToonePrije 9 sati
  • I once stepped on an eating that said "lol"

    Cori Tucker-TooneCori Tucker-ToonePrije 9 sati
  • Not a hater, but dude it's a kids movie they ain't gon for even if there head gets chopped of. But still it's cool to see what could happen to those jerks for needing WITH THE WRONG KID.

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  • This man looks like JD from Scrubs

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  • He kinda looks like Macaulay

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  • He's saying complicated words that l don't understand

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  • This is actually so cool

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  • 2:19 When I was 7 or 8 that happened to me, I was on a swing and I swung up so high and then jumped and fell on my back, that was the first time that happened to me, that was my dumb self.

    Christopher CampbellChristopher CampbellPrije 15 sati
  • 9:19 Oof he swore

  • I remember when i was 4 years old i wanted to play games on my computer so I found the wire put it in the thing cause I don’t remember what it is called and then BAM my body was in full shock and I couldn’t feel anything but I could feel pain and I was lying on the ground I couldn’t make a noice sudennly my mom came in the room seeing me my hair up and my sleeve was actually on fire then I passed out damn that was a hard moment and mike can you tell me if I was just lucky to survive or i was meant to survive plz tell me

    Fardeen shazadFardeen shazadPrije 17 sati
  • I learned more from this video than from all of my science lessons Haha lol jk I know there’s still biology and chemistry and whatnot that’s not included in this video

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  • 9:17 ow?

    AULIS A.O.TAULIS A.O.TPrije 18 sati
  • doctor mike: electrocuted me: he survived, electrocuted means they died

    KOPZ 77KOPZ 77Prije 18 sati
  • That kid was a maniac

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  • 1:45 *Testical

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  • Every time he says "Oh my god", take a shot

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  • 2:46 or something I know that feeling, I once had an accident with a Golf Cart. I crashed into a tree and hit my stomach on the steering wheel.

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  • The back falling parts I’ve experienced that before I was literally walking down the stairs and then I slipped and then I fell going body First almost the testicle And then i ran to my room and I couldn’t even breathe

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  • 5:06 eeeeeeeeeeeeehhhhhhhhhhhh!

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  • i feel like my own neck cracked watching this oof

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  • The moment I saw this 4:29 I gagged

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  • i was holding dry ice so now i have a scar on my left hand from school i got the scar at SCHOOL!!!!

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  • Can the foot be infected by the tar

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  • My mom is a nurse and she can’t stand home alone because of all the times people should die it super funny to see her get so angry at a show

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  • 2:26 I had an experience like that when I fell on the school playground and my stomach hit right onto a metal pole

    InceptionPlayzInceptionPlayzPrije dan
  • I've stepped on a nail before, sucks ass...also I was wearing socks and shoes when it happened, the Dr had to remove the rubber, cotton, and my skin that went into my foot

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  • It's funny because it's fake

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  • I love how these guys see the danger coming: and just stand there and let it happen. 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

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  • I felt the pain

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  • Once my brother and i got in a fight and he threw a like 5cm playmobil lego brick at me from a few meters away and it hit me in the forehead XD Dang sometimes i feel invincible People get severe injuries from falling down stairs and when i was young, i fell down the stairs all the time and got up like nothing

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  • I see the title and I'm like: "HaS tHIs mAN NoT seEn HoME ALonE!"

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  • Dr.mike: talking about how serious they would be hurt Me: laughing at the characters getting hurt.

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  • can you please tell me if you can get a cuncusion from chocking someone because before a boy punched me so I I checked him and then 2 days later his mom said I gave him a mild concussion

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    • im on my moms account

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  • This is probably gonna be ruined for me too-.. But please, 🄴🅇🄿🄾🅂🄴 🄷🄾🄼🄴 🄰🄻🄾🄽🄴 3. Why you may ask? I have a great answer for you. (っ◔◡◔)っ ♥ Its a frickin ripoff and I hate it :} ♥ Thank you for your time.

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  • What about pokemon injuries, those guys are all immortal and you cant change my mind

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  • I know the wind knocked out of me and it sucks way worse with asthma I should know it happened to me.

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  • Harry and marv are secretly goku and vegeta ;)

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  • When he fell and hit his back and got the wind knocked out of him that happed to me.

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  • my mom told me if i get a small burn to put vanilla on the burn.

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  • A wrestler that goes by triple h got an ice burn when doing and entrance and dry ice stuck to his chest

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  • I learned more in this video then school

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  • 2:27 Happened to me once when I sat on the back support of a chair and the chair leaned and fell. I thought I would die of suffocation...

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    • OOOOOF

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  • The real question is how are those guys still alive

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  • Why are still going after the kid

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  • i had a 4th degree burn on my chest oh and my dad got me a christmas blanket

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  • what are the links for these clips

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  • I actually learned more about the body and biology in this video that I have from school.

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  • 0:00 pog

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  • I had the same reaction to the injuries as him. This really hits home how incredibly stupid the burglars are. They are almost painfully stupid-

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  • 7:29 This is so dangerous, I know one electrician who died because he could not let go, I do not think his heart stopped right away from the electricity but the muscle contraction broke his ribs and he suffered severe internal burns and bleeding. Do not underestimate electricity, it is a nasty beast.

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  • Testical

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  • I watched this movie a lot when I was a kid...and this video made me realized this movie wasn't for kids.

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  • He had to show the balls😂😂😂

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  • Steve O would survive this.

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  • I watched this when I was a kid, I am just realizing now how violent this movies are. This should be rate R, and far from a Christmas family movie.

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  • 5:11-5:18 When you said that, I thought about the 3 degrees of adjectives in English😂😂 I really love English and Math Thanks for making this video. You're like my Science teacher to me LEL

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  • Home alone sequel is SAW

  • I remember a time when I was on my bike and was sliding down a hill. I had brakes but I used my feet instead and I went he’d first into a ditch and I was where shorts and there were trees in the ditch. But I didn’t feel pain. And I was so confused cause there was a giant cut on my ankle that was bleeding a lot. I’m saying this cause I want to know why I didn’t feel pain.

    Netflixpro7962 JourneyNetflixpro7962 JourneyPrije dan
  • Doc Mike: There is no human who can survive this injuries Harry and Marv: Am i a joke to you?

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  • I learned so many different things

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  • How bout try to make a video of Jackie Chan's breathtaking and life threatening stunts please. 😊😊

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  • The one with the brick reminded me of when I was 3-5 and fell off the couch, hit my head on the CORNER of the brick fireplace. Still have the scar, it was right above my temple.

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  • Bro I remember all these scenes the memories when I was a kid I'm still a kid just in my teens

    Green FoxGreen FoxPrije 2 dana
  • We all know that the first Home Alone is a classic, but ngl I think the sequel is better (at least in the injuries department) I mean my fave part ever in either movie is when my boy Marv gets electrocuted and screams like a little girl whilst turning into a skeleton! XD I had tears from laughing on that one, shame it was barley shown in this vid! :(

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