Doctor Reacts To Lady Gaga’s Disappointing Medical Statement

15. Sij 2020.
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Lady Gaga recently went on stage with Oprah and said A LOT of great things about mental health. However, one of the statements was less than ideal so I decided to jump in and discuss. Btw I'm a huge fan of hers!
My AAFP Article on Bad Celeb Advice:
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Open Letter To Lady Gaga:
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  • I don’t agree with this I was prescrbed an antidepresant by a neurologist for my panic attacks and it ended up ruining me ı was hospitalized for a month. You need a proffessional, antidepressants require great knowledge there for go to a good psychatrist cause you are not a testing board.

    Nalia 23Nalia 23Prije 2 dana
  • I totally agree. As a retired nurse and a patient with Depression. My primary care Dr prescribed my antidepressants and adapted the dose as required.

    Claire WilsonClaire WilsonPrije 4 dana
  • How about doing a segment with Lady Gaga?

    Kenny LiuKenny LiuPrije 6 dana
  • As someone who has struggled with mental health, I can vouch for all of it. At one point in my life I did need a psychiatrist to address my mental health. When I was stable on the medications I had, I was able to continue the prescriptions through my PCP and have been doing that for almost 10 years. I still make adjustments, but when I'm having a difficult time I don't need to waste my psychiatrist's time.

    AbbyAbbyPrije 7 dana
  • I am a Doctor, MD in Public Health and I very much appreciate all the details you have explained in this video.

    dee_glaish no rules, no foul gamesdee_glaish no rules, no foul gamesPrije 8 dana
  • I feel like that as a person who has had with bipolar 1 disorder (with psychosis) and OCD as my diagnoses, my primary care physician would NEVER be the right person who I can trust to treat my illness, although of course he/she would be in contact with the people I am seeing for my mental health. So I can't make any argument one way or another whether his or Gaga's statements deserve more credence. However, I do understand his arguments, and everyone's situations are different, and some may often present less severe symptoms that can be entrusted with a primary care physician. However, most primary care doctors/physicians/internists are not typically experts in this type of field, or any specified medicine field, and that is why patient referrals exist. So there is that reason that I tend to believe Gaga more...

    Akhila RameshAkhila RameshPrije 9 dana
  • Anyone out there capable of getting this info back to Lady Ga Ga? Not all like to remain stupid, you never know...

    Lisa RodriguezLisa RodriguezPrije 11 dana
  • Idk why 21st century fellas is so obsessed with trying to fit in DSM classification

    Lelouch LeviLelouch LeviPrije 12 dana
  • 1:25 OK, I get that, now make some recommendations that don't assume easy access to healthcare.

    octet33octet33Prije 12 dana
  • I agree with most of what you say but I do not agree with you or Lady Gaga on Primary Care doctor for Mental health issues. Not everyone needs to see a psychiatrist for there Mental health issues. But....not all primary care doctors should be giving scripts for Meds for mental health. Not all Primary Care doctors are as knowledgeable as you. So please do not speak for all Primary Care doctors. I think you are a great person. I don't want you to think I am attacking you. My mom was given a psychiatric med by a Primary Care doctor, which was fine except he didn't give her all the info she needed to go with it. It was bad. She ended up in the hospital. She was living in Illinois at the time. I was given Lexapro by my Primary Care doctor in Florida, which again was fine. Again I was not given the info I needed. The info I am referring to is not in the paperwork given from the pharmacy either. About a year later that same doctor that gave me Lexapro said I could just stop taking it. I ended up having serious withdrawal issues. The same doctor had no idea what was going on. The withdrawal symptoms lasted for about 6 months. So I made an appointment with a psychiatrist and was given all the info that was needed. The psychiatrist helped me through the withdrawals and my mental issues with meds and therapy. Not every Primary Care doctor is like you. I have learned to do my own research on any meds given to me by a doctor.

    Sabriena PlotkeSabriena PlotkePrije 12 dana
  • good news is lady gaga is paid to sing on a stage not save humans. thank gawd for dr mike

    Tabbatha MichaudTabbatha MichaudPrije 13 dana
    • She raised $137 MILLION for the world heath organisation to help battle covid 19 but shes just a singer sure

      Adrian NeagoeAdrian NeagoePrije 13 dana
  • Ironically I had a PCP who refused to prescribe mental health meds. She told me I had to go to a psychiatrist. I literally had to tell her that every psychiatrist had a year or so wait lists before she prescribed anything at all but then refused to listen when I said it didn’t work. She did the same thing to my sister but wrote a referral to the psychiatrist at that office (they had counseling and psychiatrist at that office just a different part of the building. Like you checked in at that office but when they come to get you you go to a different part of the building). I’ve literally begged a PCP for insomnia meds telling her I slept 2 hours a night if that and her response was “I don’t know you enough so I won’t give you anything”. I was so sleep deprived I literally look drunk a few weeks later when I hadn’t drank anything in weeks. That doctor had my med list from my old doctor and there was a sleep/depression/anxiety med on there and even that along with sleeping so little wasn’t enough.

    S RS RPrije 16 dana
  • Yea...because Lady Gaga is the foremost authority on medical science.

    Axiom Steel26Axiom Steel26Prije 20 dana
  • Hope lady gaga watches this video.. n celebrities try to be more responsible before making polarising statements in the areas they don't have in depth knowledge about

    i am anonymousi am anonymousPrije 22 dana
  • Let’s not forget that many of these patients receiving prescriptions from their primary care doctor are also seeing some kind of therapist or have been assessed by a psychologist, who lack the license to prescribe medications. The PC doctor is able to fill that role of prescribing, based on the diagnoses and recommendations of mental health professionals. PC doctors are there for your overall health and well-being. That includes mental health needs.

    Scott BallingerScott BallingerPrije 24 dana
  • I'd like to ask if it's normal for you to be checked again even after your neurologist has referred you for an MRI? The equipment wasn't available in the hospital that my neurologist was in, so I was referred for MRI to a bigger hospital where- I spent like 10 hours, lining, and all they did was check my reflexes… as well as referred me for lab test (which I couldn't make it because it was already late.)

    R SR SPrije 24 dana
  • It's sad that no matter what, there will always be some irrational butt-hurt fans.

    No OneNo OnePrije 24 dana
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    Nana Bear-Decimator Of Souls, Conqueror Of DeathNana Bear-Decimator Of Souls, Conqueror Of DeathPrije 24 dana
  • My primary, REFUSES to prescribe my meds. Its frustrating. I was diagnosed as bipolar at 19. I'm 36 now.

    Emily PEmily PPrije 24 dana
  • Influencers say something scientifically wrong and tens of millions believe it. A REAL DOCTOR explains how it's wrong, and only one or two million sees it. Please help these good people in spreading the facts. Instead of sharing useless memes, share these videos instead.

    NobodyNobodyPrije 25 dana
  • In Spain a medical doctor can't prescribe antidepresive, only phsyquiatric medicals and the waiting is awful.

    Esther SancedoEsther SancedoPrije 26 dana
  • As a bipolar patient, at first I was kind of like "um yeah that makes sense" what she said. But my PCP DO the moment I suggested I might be bipolar took me off my SSRI and put me on an anti-psychotic. About a year later I was in the hospital with a manic episode and symptoms of psychosis. So I get her concern, but I also see what Dr. Mike is saying.

    Midori SangatsuMidori SangatsuPrije 26 dana
  • oop

    Jasmine NguyenJasmine NguyenPrije 28 dana
  • If each psychiatrist takes on 2,000 patients, we can do this. 40 million pts/ 20,000 psychiatrists.

    Greenbean CasseroleGreenbean CasserolePrije mjesec
  • Love Gaga and her advocacy, but without my Primary Care doctor, my depression would have gotten much worse and lasted much longer had I needed to wait for a referral and an appointment, not to mention I was uninsured at the time so the cost would have been much more than I could afford and negatively impacted my health even more. She saw me and screened me and knew I needed medication asap to help manage the episode while I went through the process of developing a management and care plan that included therapy and lifestyle changes. It took me months to get into therapy, but a medication helped me manage my depression to help me function in that time. Your PCD is your first line of support and defense.

    Allegra TeresaAllegra TeresaPrije mjesec
  • My primary care doctor refuses to prescribe mental health medication.

    Erin McNeillErin McNeillPrije mjesec
  • DR Mike you need to assess the Psychiatric field. In this state it's turned into warehouse medicine, one physiatrist with ten therapist helpers that assess you to see if you're going to see the Psychiatrist. Or they don't take insurance, because of reduced rates. I think there's a shortage of Psychiatrists or a lot more sick, this is pre-pandemic.

    tlaktlakPrije mjesec
  • I would not be able to get access to some of my mental health medications with my pcp.

    Mary Elizabeth MinnsMary Elizabeth MinnsPrije mjesec
  • Doesn't he know good blood flow to his arms is important for his health 🤣🤣

    Jodie MartinJodie MartinPrije mjesec
  • My perspective as a person who has struggled with Agoraphobia and Panic disorder is that it is perfectly reasonable for primary care Dr. to prescribed anti-aniexty and anti-depressants because many people only have access to mental health therapists that are not M.D.'s and cannot prescribe meds like Licensed Social workers and Psychologists. But I do believe that you should be treated in tandem with both. One without the other doesn't seem to treat the patient holistically.

    Torrie ZennaTorrie ZennaPrije mjesec
  • My primary care doctor percribes my meds but works with my Theropist on it

    Kearstinne kenersonKearstinne kenersonPrije mjesec
  • My Psychiatrist left the medical center I belong to and there was a 2 to 3 month wait to see a new Psychiatrist....I needed four Primary Care Doctor, at the same center, whom I have been with for eight years, said she couldn't prescribe the meds..."She wasn't allowed" and she told me to go to the emergency room...where, at best, you only get 14 days of meds, if at all...I ended up having to go to another hospital/ mental health now my medical care is at one medical center and my mental health care is at another...even I know this is not an ideal situation....

    Lori VassalloLori VassalloPrije mjesec
  • I think she’s talking about her experience only...

    sandra abbottsandra abbottPrije mjesec
  • Ever since I was a teenager family physicians, general practitioners, primary care - whatever you call them- have prescribed antidepressants for me. Only once did a doctor send me to the community mental health clinic and that was when I was almost 50 years old. I believe doctors over prescribe antidepressants, especially if you're a woman. Tell a doctor you're tired & they slap you on an antidepressant.

    Pamela HornickPamela HornickPrije mjesec
  • There's something seriously wrong with your health care system in the US, then. I live in a country with a quarter of US GDP per capita and family medicine doctors usually refer people with mental health issues to specialists. As a matter of fact you don't even have to have a referral from your family medicine doctor to make an appointment with a psychiatrist.

    slaweroslaweroPrije mjesec
  • I got rejected by a girl thrice and that has engulfed my mind and hurt my self respect .. i keep thinking about this incident even after 5 years

    pawan sharmapawan sharmaPrije mjesec
  • As someone who got more harm than benefits from antidepressant prescribed by a random GP, I totally agree that it is not optimal. Sometimes the answer is there, when you face that your beliefs were not right and when you start to step on your ego and admit that you are partly responsible for how you feel and only a Psychiatrist can help you get out of that. (Some people need medication though, and it's fine! I'm not minimizing that.)

    Sam.Sam.Prije mjesec
  • I don't know Dr. Mike's thoughts on Nurse Practitioners and PAs and would love to hear in another video his views on this from a research/science standpoint. For this video, the lack of access to psychiatric care is why we need to use PA/NP who specialize in psychiatric mental health to ensure more patients are getting the care they need. I think Primary care docs MD/DO, PA, NP should help to bridge access to psychiatric care and this will help to triage more medically complex patients to board certified Psychiatrists.

    Steve TranSteve TranPrije mjesec
  • I love Lady Gaga, but she isnt a health professional

    ToSamus Aran 2.0ToSamus Aran 2.0Prije mjesec
  • What do clinical psychologists do?

    Robert H.Robert H.Prije mjesec
  • Yesssss it took forever to get an appointment with my psychiatrist. Worried as I’m about to be without a job how I will afford my medication and insulin (adhd, anxiety, ptsd, depression and ocd)

    wanchanga22wanchanga22Prije mjesec
  • First off, Lady Gaga is a human being before she is a celebrity. Everytime she talks about mental health, she ALWAYS says to consult with a medical professional and to not do what she is doing to help your own mental health struggles. Secondly, she recognizes the privilege she has. In her documentary, we get a glimpse into her struggle with fibromyalgia, and in the midst of her moaning out in pain while being treated by a medical professional, she openly says along the lines of, "I have these resources in an instant, but what about everyone else? How is everyone else supposed to deal with this?" Thirdly, she created the Born This Way Foundation with her mother to help provide resources and support young people who struggle with self love and mental issues. Many of her fans struggle with mental disorders, self harm, and suicide. She has dedicated performances to fans who have killed themselves. She knows what's happening. She's doing everything she can to help. Thank you for elaborating on the shortage issue, and for reassuring the public on what their options are.

    JulisaJulisaPrije mjesec
  • My primary hasn’t prescribed me any medication when it came to mental health like panic attacks. I was sent to a therapist for an evaluation and then given what I needed to manage my crippling panic attacks. Only thing about having to go to a therapist from my primary, is more time before I get what I need and having to go through a bunch of other stuff when my primary already knows what I’m dealing with and for how long. I think it depends on the case.

    Xenia TorresXenia TorresPrije mjesec
  • I have struggled with my mental health for over 10 years, and all these specialists always made me severely uncomfortable. It sometimes scared me, giving me anxiety attacks just thinking about how I had an appointment coming up. God forbid something went wrong with my information I have to fix or copays ect because really anything money related always terrified me. Ya not for me no thanks. Thanks though lady gaga

    Jezicca LorneJezicca LornePrije mjesec
  • I am glad you spoke about this.I work in a third world country.firstly people find mental health issue a taboo here.secondly, the mentality " more expensive the treatment, better the result" exists here.third, depression and anciety cases should and must be managed by primary care physicians.if a patient went to a specialist directly or waits in ER for depression meds, its worrisome.ER is already full.and now dangerous my country, doctors get shot if patient is seen late.yes and no one is held accountable plz highloght this issue again and again dr mike because ppl from my country Pakistan love you.and listen to u.

    Saamiya KhimaniSaamiya KhimaniPrije mjesec
  • Just did the maths for my own region the UK, 66.5 million people and 38,000 therapists... if 1/5 people have mental health problems then each therapist has 3.5 patients. (66.5 mil*0.2... divide that number by 38k.) What's interesting to me is the waiting list... it took me 8 months to see a professional when I was younger and experiencing suicidal thoughts, which for context was 5 years ago. People are dying because they aren't seen fast enough, and by the maths, people should be seen quicker. So my point is, how the hell is the US coping with so few therapists?

    Megan SimpsonMegan SimpsonPrije mjesec
  • I was prescribed anti depressants while waiting for therapy. They literally saved my life. I was prescribed by my GP which I think is roughly equivalent to family medicine doctor in America.

    NbtNbtPrije mjesec
  • This man is not a specialist & does not deal with fibromyalgia patients enough to be commenting on their issues like this. He’s doing exactly what she is criticising & he’s not happy about it. As a consultant psychiatrist in London I agree with Lady Gaga; they should be seeing specialists and not managed by generalists all the time, especially around diagnosis of FM & initiating treatments. I think there’s a faulty mentality in all of his arguments & they mostly focus around America’s broken healthcare system. He’s simply performing yet again and just trying to fluff up his HRworld channel views so he can charge his patients premium prices under the guise of a high profile doctor. It’s fairly unethical in my opinion. Lady Gaga is one of the most inspirational mental health advocates & sexual abuse survivors in the world right now - as a consultant psychiatrist I am incredibly grateful for her and the hope she gives our patients.

    dara151dara151Prije mjesec
  • I think she meant about the difficulty that many doctors have to differentiate bipolar and depression pacients, especially about the first ones that cannot get antidepressant. But she could clarify more, it's important always to talk with your doctor...

    Bruna Fernanda Campos BertolinoBruna Fernanda Campos BertolinoPrije mjesec
  • Nice 👌

    salman khan video Likes my youTube channelsalman khan video Likes my youTube channelPrije mjesec
  • absolutely excellent video.

    Joanna ThiessenJoanna ThiessenPrije mjesec
  • Hmm what did lady Gaga say??? It’s hard to deal with PCPs who refuse to give you meds for adhd because of the stigma :(

    Aria MembrenoAria MembrenoPrije mjesec
  • I have had fibromyalgia since I was a child and I am 50 years old. It’s a disease of differential diagnosis. I have been to every sub specialist in the Southeast United States and the best medical facilities in the country. Based on you incompetent comments you know nothing about fibromyalgia and certainly DO NOT have fibromyalgia. You look about 25 years old and sound as equally inexperienced. You are seeking a platform to get individuals, with zero knowledge of fibromyalgia, like yourself, to hit the like button for your own ulterior motives and self agenda. Go back to school. Educate yourself and save the world from your worthless opinions by removing yourself from the HRworld Platform that gives you undeserved self gratification on a topic you clearly don’t understand. Save yourself more embarrassment. Those of us living with this debilitating disease are disgusted by people like you.

    Melissa CarrMelissa CarrPrije mjesec
  • If you suffer from mental illness from my experience 1. See a pathologist, do blood tests, check thyreoid 2. Try to eat well, sleep well Take vitamins especially omega and D (if you have mental issues that will not cure anything. dont believe gurus) . 3. Start sessions with a psychologist. (psychologists will tell you that eveything is in your head and that if you feel good everything will turn fine - dont believe them) Also visit a 4. psychiatrist and 5. A neurologist for a deeper understanding and evaluation of your symptoms.

    Ισίδωρος94 ΤζΙσίδωρος94 ΤζPrije mjesec
  • Gaga is right.

    Ισίδωρος94 ΤζΙσίδωρος94 ΤζPrije mjesec
  • I wish the Philippines would have a lot of mental doctors. It's so stigmatized here in our country, saying that it's just a phase and whatnot

    Black SapphireBlack SapphirePrije mjesec
  • What should you do if your primary care physician and a child psychologist is telling you nothing is wrong with you or you will grow out of it but you are passing out on a regular day to day? Mental health wasn’t even brought up in the conversations

    Little WolfLittle WolfPrije mjesec
  • Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! As a mental health professional I love when I see other people supporting and sharing this information. I actually had a struggle deciding between medical training or mental health. I love finding medical professionals who treat holistically. ❤️

    Robin GravlinRobin GravlinPrije mjesec
  • Here's my middle of the road interpretation of what I think Gaga probably meant: If you are depressed, being prescribed a "magic" drug to supposedly fix the problem is not the most healthy way to get better as it doesn't solve anything; the likelihood is that you're probably feeling depressed because something is wrong in some part of your life. Prescribing drugs isn't a cure, but a way of managing the problem that doesn't actually address the underlying cause. What you need is for someone to point out to you the parts of your life that are causing you grief, and offer advice as to how to fix them, which sounds like the job description of a therapist. Dr Mike doesn't isn't wrong when he says why you shouldn't get sent to a psychiatrist, but it doesn't sound like Gaga was wrong either. That being said, the only info I have on what was said was what is said in this video, sooo...

    Andrew KnaptonAndrew KnaptonPrije mjesec
  • Celebrities have egos soooo out of control they think they are qualified to lecture the public on any subject. It’s absolutely ridiculous considering most of them barely finished high school smh

    vanlmrvanlmrPrije mjesec
  • It's very concerning the ratio of mental health professionals to patients. Never knew there was so much difference

    Florencia LandrielFlorencia LandrielPrije 2 mjeseci
  • Peewhooped that statement 😂

    Asma 006Asma 006Prije 2 mjeseci
  • Why do we need all you medical professionals when we have gaga and other celebrities tell us about what's good for us. Seriously, y'all just want our money! 🤣

    NickoLimpusNickoLimpusPrije 2 mjeseci
  • I absolutely adore my GP who is a Family Medicine Doctor. I always trust her judgement. I went to a psychiatrist once when my mental health was out of control, absolutely horrible experience.

    KelsBells06KelsBells06Prije 2 mjeseci
  • I would agree with you if I had not had my own problems with my own family care doctor. For 10 years (I'm 20, btw), I've been going to my doctor saying I've had issues with sleep, no motivation, low moods, and sleep paralysis attacks along with almost nightly panic attacks and was brushed off multiple times as being stressed/no energy due to me being less physically active. As a kid going through puberty, growing into young adult and having to deal with school and a horrible family situation and to be told nothing was wrong for years by my family doctor took a terrible toll on my mental health and it was on a downward spiral. It took me personally writing in to a mental health outreach programme to get in touch with a psychiatrist to properly figure out that I was suffering from severe anxiety and panic disorders.... which could have been completely avoided had my family doctor took control of the situation years prior instead of ignoring my pleas leading me to passively contemplate suicide everyday for two whole years. And before anyone says I could have gone for counseling, I was 10 when I started having severe attacks and I did not know who I could talk to (definitely not my parents as they were part of the problem)

    kwikpikachukwikpikachuPrije 2 mjeseci
  • Talk therapy (psychotherapist perspective) is highly underrated - speaking out loud and making sense of your thoughts can straighten out your subconscious and put you in a better headspace and also help you to help yourself on your own when you're at home. So happy to see you talking about this!

    LOVE AURALOVE AURAPrije 2 mjeseci
  • Yea Lady Gaga was wrong about primary care doctors not prescribing antidepressants. The only time you would need a psychiatrist is if its a very complicated case that the primary care doctor just isn't equiped to deal with but atypical depression they are completely capable of helping. For Fibromyalgia a primary dr can treat it but usually a rheumatologis is better equipped and more knowledgeable on chronic pain disorders. Regular pain medication isnt very effective for the severe cases.

    Jay PayJay PayPrije 2 mjeseci
  • I am a Clinical Social Worker and learn so much from your channel. Thank you so much!!

    Michelle MohammedMichelle MohammedPrije 2 mjeseci
  • I prefer my main doctor prescribing......than a psycho killer maln doc care ,others dont

    Social AppleSocial ApplePrije 2 mjeseci
  • I was put on a therapist waitlist... almost a year ago. I am fine, but can imagine those that aren't. That's not an option for people that are part of a lower socioeconomic status. But glad Lady G figured out her sh** with her private therapist.

    Sarah HutchinsSarah HutchinsPrije 2 mjeseci
  • Gaga may have said something wrong but there's no need to hate her. She literally addressed issues about mental health and started a foundation to help others. She's been dealing with fibromyalgia and even said that she got the money but she's still suffering, that's why she's helping others who doesn't have the means. She has been using her platform to address these issues but a single fault will make everybody forget your works.

    Erised EromErised EromPrije 2 mjeseci
  • I studied, but never worked as psychologist. I realized one thing, a patient has completely wrong picture of himself so it takes forever to find out what his problem is. what u need would be talks with the family member and friends about their behavior, but u just can't. so i am all for meds for depression (trial and error). But for other things, borderline, manic depression..... and other disorders r so hard to diagnose, if u only get the patients view.

    Martin RabeMartin RabePrije 2 mjeseci
  • I'm very torn in this because my mom got antidepressants from her doctor as he said that she had depression. The antidepressants weren't working and her mental state was just declining. Myself and a friend of my mother's forced her to the psychiatric part of the hospital, where she was then diagnosed with bipolar disorder and had to be on completely different medication. She's been a completely new person since her new diagnoses and proper treatment. Now just because of the experience of my mom, I can't say that it's like that for everyone else. Myself, I did go on the route of psychiatrists,meds and CBT therapy. However, maybe most people are able to just deal with medications that general doctors prescribe.

    KatNicoleKatNicolePrije 2 mjeseci
  • When I was a kid, I had off and on pain in my abdomen. It would be so intense that I would lay on the floor curled up. My mom eventually took me to the doctor and they ran all kinds of tests and never found anything wrong with me. My mom stopped taking me and it eventually got better. I use to have a very negative view on doctors after that and I still have a hard time trusting doctors. However, as I grew older, I realized that at the time, there were A LOT of factors involved unbeknownst to the doctors. 1) My family moved around and my mother was a fan of more...holistic medicine. Therefore, I never had a consistent doctor when I was young. We only went when things were bad and "as needed". 2) I was lactose intolerant (diagnosed by a chiropractor no less), which was accurate, but either way there was no official record of it. 3) My family had recently been through a very traumatic experience and my dad's Parkinson's got significantly worse. My mother was thrown into chaos and letting me eat whatever. So I would eat milk and cheese and all kinds of dairy while suffering the consequences. Hence, looking back I probably had some kind of gastrointestinal enteritis. But, a doctor wouldn't know that if they actually knew me. Another fun side affect of not having a consistent doctor: There's a very good chance I have ADHD (getting tested) only now getting diagnosed as a 21 year old and years of unexplained behavior making me think I was stupid. Lesson: It's extremely important for your doctor to know you , guys.

    Lily8061Lily8061Prije 2 mjeseci
  • I'm glad i decided to see a psychiatrist instead of just my family doctor. My fam doctor wasn't monitoring me closely.

    Melody DeanMelody DeanPrije 2 mjeseci
  • We need to stop taking medical advice from celebrities just because they've had an experience with something specific.

    Melanie R.Melanie R.Prije 2 mjeseci
  • She had a point though. GPs aren´t capable of dealing with psychiatric stuff. I love Mike, but his argument here is analogous to "there are not enough surgeons, and our system makes it so only wealthy people from non rural areas can afford to be treated by one, so it is quite okay for your family doctor to open you up on his desk". Heck no! If you and your GP are put in a situation in which there is no choice, he´ll have to, but that doesn´t make the situation any less wrong and fked up. I´m still to meet a single person who was properly treated for mental issues by a GP, instead of (accidentally) harmed.

    Alicia NietoAlicia NietoPrije 2 mjeseci
  • In Germany you have to see a psychiatrist if you are on antidepressants for a long time.

    Annie PannieAnnie PanniePrije 2 mjeseci
  • I have never agreed with a doctor that much.

    Φωτεινή ΗλΦωτεινή ΗλPrije 2 mjeseci
  • maybe she had a bad experience with a family medicine doctor, and she got better care from a psychiatrist! But yes, i agree, when you have millions of people watching you, you shouldn't make such sweeping statements.

    LakukarachaLakukarachaPrije 2 mjeseci
  • 2.3k people really disliked cus they like lady gaga over facts

    Im ThrillzIm ThrillzPrije 2 mjeseci
  • you guys do use medications as 1st line therapy toooooo often. Do you know that antidepressants, along with a host of other drugs, disrupt the microbiome, and the GUT/BRAIN axis suffers, leading to depression... Depression is NOT A PROZAC deficiency...learn to treat people with diet, exercie and supplements before you move to these harsh drugs

    Ernie HErnie HPrije 2 mjeseci
  • People should not looking at celebrities as the people who know everything. Singers, actors or athletes are not doctors, police, firemen, polititians or even military. Thet should remind people that their thoughts are their own person views and not based on years of education or experience in the field they that commenting on.

    Khristina RadaKhristina RadaPrije 2 mjeseci
  • General physicians shouldn't prescribe medication for mental health. They just hand them out like candy. Let's not blame Gaga for telling people to take meds, when regular doctors hand them out like candy.

    LukeJaguarLukeJaguarPrije 2 mjeseci
  • Okay I watched this once for your shirt, then another for the content. lmao jk jk

    Dayanara IcaranomDayanara IcaranomPrije 2 mjeseci
  • Lady Gaga once said "my biggest enemy is Doctor Mike not the 911."

    abbyabbyPrije 2 mjeseci
  • I think it really comes down to people feeling like they HAVE to listen to their Dr. Sometimes, the Dr doesn't know what's best. Sometimes, it's really good to listen to the patient and if they want to try counseling first, they should be able to and vise versa.

    Cassy HumphreysCassy HumphreysPrije 2 mjeseci
  • I hear you Dr Mike. But, I think you forget the amount of family doctors that let their own personal and political opinions affect their care. It took me until I was 28 years old to find a good family doctor. Before that I had my doctor refuse me birth control because she didn't want me to have sex and asked me if I wanted to be a "good" girl, another doctor who told me my anxiety was just in my head and imagined despite the fact I came in for panic attacks and countless other circumstances of poor care. I think you're forgetting Lady Gaga's experience as a woman and the disparity in care women get compared to men AND how much more those disparities are exasperated when you're a woman of colour. Specialists in my experience are much less likely to minimize or overlook things because as you said, they're used to dealing with more complicated situations. Often just receiving care from a doctor that's taking you seriously is such a relief so I can understand why she said what she's saying. I think not mentioning disparities in health care outcomes for women and women of colour specifically is an oversight here. Would love to see a video about what someone can do for that!

    alia724alia724Prije 2 mjeseci
  • So Dr Mike if I have an eye problem like an eye squint, do I still need to see a primary medicine doctor first than going to an eye specialist?

    Tooba WaheedTooba WaheedPrije 2 mjeseci
  • my primary doctor prescribed my antidepressants. I feel so much better. He checks on me often which is reassuring.

    DeathEatingPopcornDeathEatingPopcornPrije 2 mjeseci
  • For the past decade I've gone through multiple doctors and I've been on multiple antidepressants, that have not only stopped working but made me physically sick. Until recently of this year I went into a program and met psychiatrist and finally got on the right medication. In the mood stabilizer category. I have no faith in primary care doctors. I have left many appointments crying after trying to convince them that my pain is real. Psychiatrists are amazing.

    Extra CatExtra CatPrije 2 mjeseci
  • Even though I don't have a medical degree I usually research quite a bit to see how worried I should be. And more often than not I actually get it right. But I tend toward chronic illness and am hyperaware of my own body. I don't like running with wrong ideas so I'm usually like "best case? Worst case? Easy ways to tell which? Ok. Natural remedies worth chasing vs snake oil." I do a lot more doctoring myself than I probably should. More often than not I can manage it. Every once in a while though if something doesn't help like it should I will be like "I'm wrong. Dr time." In mental health... I know I have depression, anxiety, and ptsd. I manage without medication as I actually felt worse when they put me on something a while back. I know some need the medications and they can make the difference between life or death. For me I benefit somewhat by diet. I avoid phytoestrogens like soy. If I eat or drink something with soy though I can go from "I've got this" to feeling like being alive is the worst curse imaginable. Needless to say I avoid it because that reaction is a no thanks. Why soy takes my emotions on a nope ride I don't fully understand. I just know it does.

    AngelPyraAngelPyraPrije 2 mjeseci
  • Thumbs up for saying that not all patient with depression and anxiety need antidepressants, before putting them into the medicine regimen they should be evaluated exclusively about their current social, physical , and environmental issues, relationships and career problem.

    penpower 743penpower 743Prije 2 mjeseci
  • Gosh, American health system is so complicated.

    Sexy SadieSexy SadiePrije 2 mjeseci
  • superb content. Dr.Mikhail Varshavski.

    Shirly MathewShirly MathewPrije 2 mjeseci
  • I am curious if the American health system is different to Australia when it comes to medical health with dealing with metal health. When I normally go to a doctor and talk to them about my issues. If they think I have mental health issues they make me do a test where they ask about my metal state and how I feel. If I get a high score, they normally send me to a psychology and they do CBT on me. Is it different in America where doctors don't do that test to see how your metal state is when you visit them?

    BehindTheScenes WithJennBehindTheScenes WithJennPrije 2 mjeseci
  • What is your stance on gender dysphoria and how it relates to mental health?

    Kyle PeruginiKyle PeruginiPrije 2 mjeseci
  • Agree with Dr. Mike, they psychiatrists I saw never helped me, but my trusted family medicine doctor has, what helped the most was seeking healing, not a "band-aid solution" Functional Medicine saved my life from Fibromyalgia & debilitating anxiety

    k.c. Bakek.c. BakePrije 2 mjeseci
  • My Family Doctor I see first and he and I together make the decisions.

    Bionic JoeyBionic JoeyPrije 2 mjeseci
  • I applaud your commitment to further understand and appropriately treat patients with mental illness. I have many colleagues who are very effective in treating psychiatric disorders. However, I disagree that residency training in primary care is adequate in all cases to prepare physicians for proper diagnosis and treatment of mental illness. For those who make the effort to obtain advanced training in treating mental illness, kudos to you. However, I have been a psychiatrist on the faculty of several major medical schools and do not see the exposure that primary care residents receive in psychiatry as adequate. While I applaud primary care physicians and nurse practitioners for their efforts to fill in the gaps for our underserved patients, I have unfortunately seen a lot of misdiagnoses and mismanagement. I would prefer that focused our efforts on fixing a broken system by training more psychiatrists and providing primary care residents and nurse practitioners with adequate training.

    David MurdockDavid MurdockPrije 2 mjeseci
    • Way back before politics said this "fix" will fix Health Care my insurance was pretty good but since I had no PCP because I just left the military a list was given and by luck of the draw the partnership was well designed; The doctor I selected is/was internal medicine specialist. The partners were specials in other areas. The PCP was great, it was a working system but new rules assumed if doctor had interest in say a LLC PT unit he/she could not send patients there. Keeping it simple the docs sold off any ventures that the owned an interest in - efficiency was their goal and I will not assume only $ was reason. My PCP must have enough mental health training to get me to talk and ADD + mild dyslexia was the result (schoolwork was house of cards). My luck getting a front page of some magazine quality small medical group then is wonderful because the post ACA mess now is hurry up and wait madness. I hear crazy stories about friends PCP who will not send he/she to specialist (cost) & after reading the record will not wrote script to continue current Schedule II Rx. That person got 2nd opinion, it worked out. The strange part of my care is the last person from the group I have used forever is throwing in the towel - going fishing so to speak. Big-HospitalCorp (the Borg) bought up small LLC groups, rebranded them and of course built Urgent Care system. The new doc? That should be interesting. I have always made office visit with PCP before Google because I'm not a doctor and never played one on TV and if a specialist is the solution, PCP knows who or who not to select . Just a little history to show the system is working in my zip code.

      309nmblonde309nmblondePrije mjesec