Doctor Answers TOP 10 Coronavirus FAQs

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Here are the Top 10 questions I've gotten for this novel coronavirus in the last few weeks!
1. Pets Transmit The Virus? 0:11
2. Wash Produce w/ Soap? 0:47
3. Quarantine Party? 1:17
4. Can I Protect Myself w/ Supplements? 1:52
5. How Can I Optimize My Immune System? 2:36
6. Is this virus Airborne? 3:35
7. How to Lower Anxiety/Depressive Symptoms? 4:45
8. Is Ibuprofen Safe To Take? 5:32
9. Should We ALL Wear Masks? 6:10
10. Is Food Delivery Safe? 7:14
Please do submit more questions below!
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If you have an idea of something you want me to cover in-depth, please let me know because I take your requests seriously. We will be back with more Medical Drama Review/Responding to comments Series in a couple of weeks, so please submit more names of shows/questions you'd like for me to watch/answer. I love you all! - Doctor Mike Varshavski
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  • This didn't age well, lol.

    JUNNYJUNNYPrije 5 sati
  • Greetings, I watched your video today and it added more info into my perspective about the virus. I am student who's looking for an info regarding COVID-19 to make as a brochure and I wondered if I can copy the FAQ's, with your permission of course. Not only that I want this for my grades but I also want to help in spreading awareness about COVID-19 to my school, friends and the public.

    Abraham TabbangAbraham TabbangPrije 22 sati
  • I would like proof that you are a currently licensed Dr. that can practice.

    Betty CooperBetty CooperPrije dan
  • Thank you for this very useful video!!

    Sabine SchusslerSabine SchusslerPrije 16 dana
  • Mike: I run bcuz I fell in love Nike. My whole body:wait that's illegal.

    Arati RathArati RathPrije 22 dana
  • So 10 questions but none of them mentions that there would have been no coronavirus if everyone ate a plant based diet. Coronavirus, SARS, Ebola etc are because humans intensively farm animals for consumption

    Snooker147Snooker147Prije mjesec
  • Dr.Mike, I recently read a news article saying that a woman die from reinfection of COVID-19 in Netherlands. Is it possible to reinfected ?

    Hailey K.Hailey K.Prije mjesec
  • This guy with the cowboy 🤠 shirt is wrong vitamin C and Zinc help. He is probably someone who showers wearing a mask 😷

    Pancho VillaPancho VillaPrije mjesec
    • @uku Doctors are not taught about the immune system and vitamins in medical school. Doctors are taught about drugs not vitamins. I am not trying to insult him, l only want to prove a point.

      Pancho VillaPancho VillaPrije mjesec
    • You want to argue with a doctor? Doctors are more educated in the field of medicine than us, and that is something we have to face.. How you chose to not only disagree with him but also try to insult him shows how ridiculous your argument is..

      uKuuKuPrije mjesec
  • What temperature both High & Low kills COVID19 Too date this subject has never been broached. It seems it would be very simple to answer but no major medical center or CDC or WHO has ever made a statement regarding temperature. WHY not is the question??

    shop Artshop ArtPrije mjesec
  • What temperature both High & Low kills COVID19 Too date this subject has never been broached. It seems it would be very simple to answer but no major medical center or CDC or WHO has ever made a statement regarding temperature. WHY not is the question??

    shop Artshop ArtPrije mjesec
  • Can you dissect this video of what happened to this individual account. I have heard so many stories like this one. And sadly to say 2 that have passed away because of Covid19 restrictions.

    Matthew C. OliphantMatthew C. OliphantPrije mjesec
  • Dr. Mike i love ur content my brother has autism and I was wondering if you could clear up some claims about autism being caused by vaccines and other other claims about autism also I have trichotillomania and my parents are mad at me for it but I can’t stop can you explain what it is

    wolfec728wolfec728Prije mjesec
  • I’m curious if one day they will do testing for antibodies or something along those lines? I feel like I may have had COVID before testing for it was even a thing. I obviously don’t know for sure, just almost all of the symptoms seem to match up. I think it would be good to know in the long run if there are any long term affects I might face if in fact I was positive. Full recovery took about 2-3 months, seems like it could do some damage. Would you agree?

    Jessica FreebornJessica FreebornPrije mjesec
  • Don't you feel ashamed now? You should. September 27th 2020: current studies are correlating the Covid-19 fatality rate at 0.1% 0.1% Sept 18th: Dr. Martin Feely is clinical director for the Dublin Midlands Hospital Group and a former vascular surgeon. He states that Covid-19 is " much less severe than the average annual flu ". Sept 20th: Dr Shiva is a medical doctor, renowned expert in the field of the human immune system, holds multiple degrees from MIT, and a respected inventor. Here he explains how and why the public have been completely misled by covid-19. The Public Health Agency of Sweden (today) : The Covid-19 fatality rate in those younger than 70 years is 0.1%. 0.1% But YOU know better than professionals far more qualified and experienced than you will ever be. FFS Find some integrity, you blinkered freak.

    Steve KermodeSteve KermodePrije 2 mjeseci

    Alexa WallAlexa WallPrije 2 mjeseci
  • hi dr mike please answer my question if a person infected from covid 19 symptoms fever and cold are not fixed after medical treatement last 10 days what to do

    bittu jaiswalbittu jaiswalPrije 2 mjeseci
  • How does COVID affect pregnant women. What if they had COVID and got cured before the pregnancy was discovered. Does it affect the baby in any way or the mother during and after the pregnancy. What extra precautions to take for pregnant women.

    sai vignansai vignanPrije 2 mjeseci
  • im not sure if i have corona i have a 37.1 temp sore throat headache stuffy nose thing and im about to meet people 😖

    r e b e c c a c h e u n gr e b e c c a c h e u n gPrije 2 mjeseci
  • In science class, we did an experiment to see which masks are most effective, we put three different masks on a leaf blower and lit a candle and checked how far away from the leaf blower it was when it went out. The candle got within a centimeter of the leaf blower and the N95 mask, and still didn’t go out.

    Teyah ShumanTeyah ShumanPrije 2 mjeseci
  • Is it possible that the method of reception of the virus affects which symptoms it causes? ex: I breathe it in and it makes a home in my lungs giving pneumonia... but if so were to eat it it travels to my digestive tract and affects my liver and kidneys. ???

    GenerictubeuserGenerictubeuserPrije 3 mjeseci
  • As an introvert quarantine has helped me

    The Ochako UrarakaThe Ochako UrarakaPrije 3 mjeseci
  • What will you think when a vaccine is initially released? I feel that enormous political pressures have streamlined the FDA approval process and question safety and efficacy of the initial release. I do believe in vaccines and will have no problem getting a vaccination...eventually; however, I worry about being a guinea pig in the inaugural class of those immunized.

    Michael LewisMichael LewisPrije 3 mjeseci
  • The undisputed truth about vaccinations

    Homer SimpsonHomer SimpsonPrije 3 mjeseci
  • corona virus explain

    Thundewr FoxThundewr FoxPrije 3 mjeseci
    • Before I click on this I have one question. Is this a rick roll?

      Ella EdwardsElla EdwardsPrije 3 mjeseci
  • Want your suggestion. My cousin sister has Bronchitis and she is Covid-19 Asymptomatic case. Her repeat test was positive after 15 day but she doesn't has any symptoms yet. Her assessing doctor says no need of change in medication. The medication address only Covid-19 issue. Please suggest should we go for retest after a week?

    Dheeraj NihalaniDheeraj NihalaniPrije 3 mjeseci
  • corona virus explain

    Thundewr FoxThundewr FoxPrije 3 mjeseci
  • Dear Doctor Mike, please do an entire video addressed all of the problems people have with masks!! Ex: “I can’t breathe”, “I don’t want to”, “no one else is doing it”, “it makes my asthma worse”, “breathing your own breath is bad for you”, etc. I’d love to have some good responses and be more knowledgeable on this subject.

    Ash the mashAsh the mashPrije 3 mjeseci
  • Hi Dr. Mike, now that scientists seem to have a bit more knowledge about it, could you please recap how the virus works once someone is contaminated? All the info I find on the Internet is very confusing. Does it affect your blood or does it go straight to your lungs? Thanks a lot! Love your channel.

    JaguarundiJagJaguarundiJagPrije 3 mjeseci
  • There is specific soap that you can buy at Trader Joe’s if you feel more comfortable using soap to wash your fruits and veggies

    Chelsea EdmadoraChelsea EdmadoraPrije 4 mjeseci

    Ginna BeltránGinna BeltránPrije 4 mjeseci
  • That mask advice needs to be updated man!

    Michael SwansonMichael SwansonPrije 4 mjeseci
  • I guess I should not click on that Internet ad that says "Amp up your immunity by taking supplement XX to chase the goblins out of your lymph nodes."

    Gwin WillisGwin WillisPrije 4 mjeseci
  • Don't boost your immune system! I'm one with the overactive system/autoimmune disorder. It's not fun when my system decides to defend me against miniscule things, makes a bigger struggle for some of the legit things too

    Kimberly FavaroKimberly FavaroPrije 4 mjeseci
  • Stay safe! Because I want to see you as far as i can.

    Farjana Akter RakhiFarjana Akter RakhiPrije 4 mjeseci

    Ma.Cecilia ImbienMa.Cecilia ImbienPrije 4 mjeseci
  • *dont wear masks* how things changed

    Phylippe Zimmermann PaquinPhylippe Zimmermann PaquinPrije 4 mjeseci
  • 6:49 Well that was a lie... lol

    xinic5xinic5Prije 4 mjeseci
  • Now It’s a rule to use masks. Can you make a video about it? The different types of masks and How they work with COVID 19?

    Ana Carolina CardosoAna Carolina CardosoPrije 4 mjeseci
  • السلام Dr i hope that you speak more slowly in order to understand and taking more medical vocabulaires clearly I know someone Who has hepatit A can tell me about how danger is it and can he be without it one day and what is the diet to be ok

    hafsa badrhafsa badrPrije 4 mjeseci
  • "Pets can transmit COVID - 19" Me: looks at my dog *My time has come*

    Please Don't Touch My Profile PicturePlease Don't Touch My Profile PicturePrije 4 mjeseci
    • Hmm?

      uKuuKuPrije mjesec
  • Fake News. This shill is herding you idiots into the poison 'vaccine; "But oh look he's a handsome doctor so he must be telling the truth"

    B HewiB HewiPrije 4 mjeseci
  • Do handmade mask are safe for not spread the virus or get it?

    Grace Mary FloresGrace Mary FloresPrije 4 mjeseci
  • I try to find the video about mask hypoxia... my step father always talk to me about is stunning and is difficulties to breathe... ... ... i want i'm to stop thinking that is mask are dangerous 🤦‍♀️ and he find a video where a men test the air quality with mask and now it's worst... please help ⚠️

    charmedsammycharmedsammyPrije 4 mjeseci
  • Why do you look so cute and intelligent with glasses on🥺

    Chantal KhalilChantal KhalilPrije 5 mjeseci
  • How is Covid 19 treated in the hospital? If e hospitals are becoming overwhelmed, could most of the treatment be done in the home? People take mess and receive oxygen at home all the time. Would it make sense for more home healthcare to aleviate some hospital overcrowding?

    brownrobin68brownrobin68Prije 5 mjeseci
  • Thank you

    Agatha SelarasAgatha SelarasPrije 5 mjeseci
  • Can you talk about masks again? Since the guidelines have changed

    Hello MotoHello MotoPrije 5 mjeseci
  • "Make sure you get some sleep" Me watching at 5 am

    Ant 1989Ant 1989Prije 5 mjeseci
  • Hello Dr. Mike, I have been seeing articles that COVID may be a vascular disease rather than a respiratory disease. What is your opinion on this please?

    anjimysanjimysPrije 5 mjeseci
  • People оказались правы, вы действительно очень хот.

    Uriy USSRUriy USSRPrije 5 mjeseci
  • How do i itch my face if i cant toche my face

    ivan cunjivan cunjPrije 5 mjeseci
  • Sir l have 37.2 Celsius and 99.6 Fahrenheit please please please please please tell me l am okay 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

    Sheej AnnSheej AnnPrije 6 mjeseci
  • Check this out tell me who was wrong

    keron blackmankeron blackmanPrije 6 mjeseci
  • Thank you for the video! All of you friends are super awesome! Oh, moments with this video are sad.

    legendhero 45legendhero 45Prije 6 mjeseci
  • Where I live we use the term "physical distancing" - we can physically keep 6 ft apart when, say, talking to a neighbor, or use technology to communicate with those we can't see. So you're spot on that social = physical distancing. 👍

    Melissa SheppardMelissa SheppardPrije 6 mjeseci
  • I'd love to get a little more info about why rinsing vegetables with just water is sufficient to disinfect. We need soap for our hands, so why does the virus roll off veggies so easily?

    Warren PriceWarren PricePrije 6 mjeseci
  • Dr Mike, I know my state is recommending everyone wear masks at this time but a lot of people don’t. I know that me wearing a mask only protects others from me and not the other way around. What can I do, in addition to washing my hands and trying to stay six feet apart, to protect myself when others won’t wear a mask?

    Mega mehMega mehPrije 6 mjeseci
  • varshavski havaski Blau blah blaa

    The RandorThe RandorPrije 6 mjeseci
  • Covid sucks 😩

    Charlene TipewanCharlene TipewanPrije 6 mjeseci
  • Can you get COVID-19 through your ears?

    Lucas JRKLucas JRKPrije 6 mjeseci
  • Love it!

    Imarginacion 🇲🇽 MxImarginacion 🇲🇽 MxPrije 6 mjeseci
  • Can you please do a video reaction to the nurses or doctors speaking out and explaining how some hospitals do not care about murdering patients? Some healthcare workers are treating patients with malpractice and management does not seem to care. Patients do not have to die especially minorities of color! Also been a big fan of you since I discovered you beginning of the year. I have been watching every Wednesday ever since! I enjoy your reaction of shows like Grey's and Cells at work or you explaining how non of the fad diets ever work or marketing techniques such as super foods. I tell all my family and friends how matcha and honey are so beneficial.

    NatthePiggyNatthePiggyPrije 6 mjeseci
  • what about your ears can the virus get there

    Jigsaw 123Jigsaw 123Prije 6 mjeseci
  • I have had anxiety for as long as I can remember it is just getting worse through this social distancing era.

    Liz GitschierLiz GitschierPrije 6 mjeseci
  • What about swimming in a lake (beach) where social distancing is observed. Can the virus pass from one person to another in the water?

    StinkerbellStinkerbellPrije 6 mjeseci
  • Okay Dr Mike. Please explain if supplements and vitamins cant help boost your immune system. Why do health care professional keep perscribing them. When my son was 2 his doctor put him on zink and other supplements as he kept getting badly sick after he started creche. I also have often been put on iron and furrous sulphate tablets for anemia and B complex tablets for burn out. If these tablets work why cant taking vitamin c and etc work and help aswell?

    Tinay HattinghTinay HattinghPrije 6 mjeseci
    • Oh and also.. if one is financially unstable or in a financial crisis things like buying or being able to buy decent healthy foods isnt that simple. Surely these types of tablets cab aid in giving the body things it cannot get from a healthy diet etc

      Tinay HattinghTinay HattinghPrije 6 mjeseci
    • Not to mention how all kids under the age of 3 are REQUIRED by creches/daycares etc to take a multivite of some kind

      Tinay HattinghTinay HattinghPrije 6 mjeseci
  • seeing him telling this words make me realized how stupid am I

    BigCheeseBigCheesePrije 6 mjeseci
  • 2. Seven three six

    Ernesto RoseteErnesto RosetePrije 6 mjeseci
  • (;

    Ernesto RoseteErnesto RosetePrije 6 mjeseci
  • Could you do a break down of this video: [credit to Dr Hansen, but you've got a little more flare that I think this dark review of Covid-19 could use]

    David GlennyDavid GlennyPrije 6 mjeseci
  • One Hobby I've done a lot of during quarantine is eating. Snickers anyone?

    Allen WatersAllen WatersPrije 6 mjeseci
  • Does Covid 19 get transmitted by cold temperatures or cold beverages, hence the rumor that it dies from warm or hot temperatures as most cells or bacteria would react but people speculate that more cold means more covid and more hot means less covid, this is a pretty heavy topic for me back home since a lot of fake news is being sent off on whatsapp and other platforms so id love for you to give this a look or at least for any professional reading this comment.

    ZacharyZacharyPrije 6 mjeseci
  • Does the virus stick to dog's or cats because of fur? I feel really stupid asking but my dog is hairless and I'm wondering if it's okay for him to go out. Stay safe! ❤️

    Lucy JaynesLucy JaynesPrije 6 mjeseci
  • “As some one wise once said” Don Bosco: am i a joke to you?

    Yellow LemonYellow LemonPrije 6 mjeseci
  • Stay well.

    judith wymanjudith wymanPrije 6 mjeseci
  • Great points Doctor Mike! Please check out additional info on this video! @

    HealthTopicHealthTopicPrije 6 mjeseci
  • Hey Dr. Mike! I think some dude in Philly calling himself "Matt' on Tinder is using an image of you on a balcony, really cool photo with sunset, palm trees, tagline "Covid got me lonely as hell". He swiped no on me, I just laughed. I really don't think you are swiping on Tinder while you and the medical community are trying to save NYC. I could be wrong. Anyway, stay safe and bee-whop!

    J. MillerJ. MillerPrije 6 mjeseci
  • 3:25 what about nose picking

    Raser EvliRaser EvliPrije 6 mjeseci
  • Not that I doubt you but how is it unlikely to contract coronavirus after someone with the virus delivered your food?

    Marcus LombardoMarcus LombardoPrije 6 mjeseci
  • Hey doc I’ve been reading lately that people who smoke are at less risk, this doesn’t make sense at all but I just don’t know. I’m a smoker, and I’m these articles it says if you stop smoking your more at risk, what’s true I just don’t know

    AnimePianoCovers2020AnimePianoCovers2020Prije 6 mjeseci
  • Does Corona affect fertility?

    kirollos halimkirollos halimPrije 6 mjeseci
  • A family doctor that practices in Mexico said if people got infected with the virus they do have the chance to get infected again but it will only be like a simple cold. Is this true or can it be as aggressive as the first time?

    Rosie VicenteRosie VicentePrije 7 mjeseci
  • Lemon juice on meat helps

    content xdcontent xdPrije 7 mjeseci
  • Had to get tested for Covid19 today and doctor I spoke to used the term “alert but not alarmed” I had to smile under my PPE. Not sure if he noticed. Bit out of context to smile in that situation but there you go

    Lolly RussLolly RussPrije 7 mjeseci
  • Truth

    Bryan ABryan APrije 7 mjeseci
  • Dr. Fauci approved funding for the virus that’s destroying the lives of people all around the world and we’re supposed to be listening to him?

    Shawnlee CarterShawnlee CarterPrije 7 mjeseci
  • Sir I have insomnia , I’m sorry-

    sevensevenPrije 7 mjeseci
  • i am seeing people say social distancing & staying at home is harming us ... ? thoughts ? why is this wrong or right ?

    Jessica LozanoJessica LozanoPrije 7 mjeseci
  • Glad you're providing information about Coronavirus!

    Charlotte LippaCharlotte LippaPrije 7 mjeseci
  • อาบน้ำให้ทีdaddyอาบน้ำให้

    Amensa SeasanAmensa SeasanPrije 7 mjeseci
  • หมามา

    Amensa SeasanAmensa SeasanPrije 7 mjeseci
  • หายใจไม่ออกคะDr

    Amensa SeasanAmensa SeasanPrije 7 mjeseci
  • What if you can't social distance? For example, my husband and I work at Wendy's. There is no way for us to work with six feet away. We can limit the amount of time and distance, if possible, from each other. However, we can't social distance. Thank you for being a doctor and treating patients during this hard time. (You are not my doctor, but I do appreciate you.)

    TimsHgirlLTimsHgirlLPrije 7 mjeseci
  • I bit my nails can I get the virus from that?

    Littlesans 76Littlesans 76Prije 7 mjeseci
    • As long as you didn't touch things that you suspect had COVID 19 on it you should be fine

      Flying PigzFlying PigzPrije 6 mjeseci
  • How can you get Covid 19 through smoking?

    Ali HassanAli HassanPrije 7 mjeseci
  • Doc, humans can transmit this virus to pets, there are some cases already... sick cats, especially

    Andrea KovacsAndrea KovacsPrije 7 mjeseci
  • My dad played this for our family so we stop asking him questions.

    Loretta PfeifferLoretta PfeifferPrije 7 mjeseci
  • Hey, can you tell me why we bored eat? Ever since quarantine started, bored eating has been getting in the way of my weight loss journey. I don't know how to stop either. Even if I do something, I still end up eating.

    The Angry Little AlchemistThe Angry Little AlchemistPrije 7 mjeseci
  • You should make a review on the Manhwa “Medical Return”. Sorry, but I’m going to spam this message on every video (once on each one though) I really want you to know....

    [Blank][Blank]Prije 7 mjeseci
  • Thank you doctor mike you’ve really lowered my anxiety keep doing what you are doing👏

    Aron ZarateAron ZaratePrije 7 mjeseci